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Korian and Omedys Develop the First Neighborhood Teleconsultation Network in France

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The Korian group (Paris:KORI), the European leader in the care of the elderly and fragile, announces that it has acquired a 70% stake in Omedys, a company specialising in telemedicine, in order to deploy locally based teleconsultation services throughout France starting in 2020. This network will contribute to providing continuous medical care in rural areas, in support of general practitioners, and to meeting the needs of the residents and teams within the Korian network.

Sophie Boissard, Chief Executive Officer of the Korian group, stated: "We looked for a long time for a teleconsultation solution that goes beyond technology and truly addresses the needs of patients and caregivers. The simple and innovative model designed by Doctors Goudour and Devillard, combined with the strength of the Korian network, the leading national network of post-acute and medico-social facilities dedicated to the care of the elderly and fragile seniors, will enable us to take a decisive step forward and contribute to making care accessible to all across the country. We are delighted to announce this partnership, which is based on a common vision and shared values."

Omedys: an innovative medical and organisational approach to telemedicine

Omedys was founded in Troyes in 2019 by Doctors Arnaud Devillard and Jérémie Goudour, two experienced emergency physicians. These two practitioners, who are telemedicine specialists, created the first digital doctors clinic with remote teleconsultations to facilitate access to primary care in territories that lack doctors, to avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency hospital departement and to provide telemedicine support to isolated practising doctors.

In 2019, their digital clinic conducted 3,000 scheduled and unscheduled remote consultations in the Grand Est region. These consultations are part of the coordinated care pathways ensuring that general practitioners remain the first consultation, in accordance with the recommendations of the French National Authority for Health which includes use of

Shared Medical Recordsand. These consultations are reimbursed by the French Health Insurance pursuant to amendment 6 to the 2016 national agreement with self-employed doctors.

A network of teleconsultation rooms have been or are being set up across the Grand Est region in coordination with the local authorities and local health organisations in the different departments. These teleconsultation rooms will make it possible to carry out routine medical examinations remotely in accordance to the highest standards whilst ensuring the integrity of private health information.

A network of qualified health professionals, specifically trained in teleconsultation assistance, welcome patients and facilitate discussion and data transfers with the doctor who performs the remote consultation.

This system, which complements available hospital care, is particularly adapted to monitoring the health of fragile persons or patients suffering from chronic pathologies in areas that lack physicians, in support of general practitioners.

"Our approach to telemedicine has been developed in consultation with health professionals, elected officials, supervisory authorities and users. The incubator of the Aube en Champagne Technology Park, which is headed by Francis Becard, played a key role in the initial phase of the project. Philippe Adnot, the senator from Aube, and Philippe Pichery, the president of the Aube Departmental Council, were able to create the conditions for innovation to facilitate the development of telemedicine," stated Dr Arnaud Devillard, co-founder of Omedys.

Expansion across the country and within the Korian network to ensure access to medical care for all

Thanks to the partnership with Korian, Omedys will deploy this innovative model nationwide by opening four additional digital clinics by 2021, in conjunction with networks of teleconsultation rooms and teleconsultation assistants. Care will be provided by local physicians, who know the local health network and care pathways, and will ensure an integration into the local communities.

This organisation will also cover the specific needs of the Korian facilities for scheduled and unscheduled consultations in retirement homes, as a relay for general practitioners and in support of the teams of caregivers. This offer will also be extended to the Group’s clinics in the form of remote expert consultations, and to home care, particularly through the Oriane offer.

"I have been convinced by the pertinence of the approach designed by Omedys’ two founders, as well as their significant credibility due to their experience in the field and their careers as emergency physicians. The strength of our project is our capacity with our internal human resources to prevent overloading emergency services and to provide greater access to care through a local network, including outside our facilities," stated Nicolas Merigot, France Healthcare Division Executive VP.

"We are very happy to work with Korian and to support the Group in developing telemedicine in France. The extension of our solution should make it possible to ultimately cover about one third of the three million consultations handled by accident and emergency departments every year and that is currently misdirected," concluded Dr Jérémie Goudour, co-founder of Omedys.

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