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Kris Jenner's Getting Everyone Botox For Christmas, Because Celebrities Are Not Just Like Us

Lynne Versluys


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Getting In The Holiday Spirit

Everyone is doing their holiday shopping, but when you're a Kardashian, that looks a little different. While you might be grabbing some cozy socks or maybe the latest Apple gadget for people on your list, Kris Jenner, momager extraordinaire, is getting her family Botox this year. Nothing like some botulism toxin in your stockings this year!

She opened up to People, telling that she's even getting her 85-year-old mother a gift card for the cosmetic procedure, saying "[W]ho doesn’t love Botox?"

The Classic Kardashian Christmas

Now, it makes sense that Jenner would be taking this route for Christmas presents, because surprise! She's a promotional partner for Botox. She explained that certain medical precautions should be made, but that she thinks it's a relatively standard part of self-care.

"If you’re responsible, and you talk to your doctor, I think it works. It’s something that I’ve been using for a long time."

It's no secret that the Kardashians use cosmetic surgery and fillers to get the look that they want, and Botox is just a part of the family business.

She Believes In Self-Care

Jenner passed on her own idea of what self-care looks like.

"Personal care is really important. I taught my kids that when they were really young. And then they remind me of the horror stories of getting their first bikini waxes! We love great beauty experiences and learning about new things and new products."

Is this the millionaire's version of lighting a candle and taking a bubble bath after a long day? Don't ever let celebrities tell you that they're just like you, y'all.

A "Simple" Routine

Kris also claimed that she had a "simple" beauty regimen... that includes routine Botox treatments.

"My routine is pretty simple, but it always has been my entire life. A massage, a great facial, a manicure and a little Botox and I’m good to go. I’m pretty traditional. As long as I’m clean and scrubbed up, I’m a happy camper."

Girl, "simple" is washing your face and applying some cold cream.