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Kristin Cavallari doesn't go more than 30 minutes without talking to her husband on the phone

Kristin Cavallari launches her jewelry collection. (Photo: Splash News)

Kristin Cavallari’s husband, pro footballer Jay Cutler, announced this month that he’s coming out of retirement to play for the NFL’s Miami Dolphins, which means he’ll be stationed in Florida, away from his Nashville-based family, and traveling across the country for out-of-town games. However, Cavallari isn’t worried, because, as she tells Yahoo Celebrity, she and Cutler have this long-distance thing down.

“Jay and I have such a good foundation,” the 30-year-old tells us at the launch party for the fall and winter collection of her jewelry line, Uncommon James. “It’s truly based on trust. I never think twice about him and it’s the same for me.” And FaceTime helps the couple out a lot. “We FaceTime all day long, every day,” she admits. “We really do. We talk all day long. Literally the longest we probably go without talking is like 30 minutes.”

Kristin Cavallari married Jay Cutler in 2013. (Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images)

The reality television star-turned-fashion designer says the plan is for the family — including kids Camden, 5; Jaxon, 3; and 21-month-old Saylor — to fly out to Miami to catch every home game this season, so they can cheer Cutler on from the stands. “It’s really fun, especially now that we have kids that are into it,” she says. “We’re in a unique position that they get to watch their dad play football. Not many people can say that!”

In seasons past, when her family couldn’t make it out to a game, Cavallari would host mini viewing parties at her pad. “The kids have jerseys that they wear. They are usually throwing a football in the living room while the game is on, so it’s a whole thing,” she says.

And though Cavallari is the one who convinced Cutler to leave his gig at Fox to sign another NFL contract, her children might just be bigger fans of their dad’s career than she is. “The boys get really into it,” she says. “They definitely know what is going on. Camden just turned 5, but he truly understands the game. He has a photographic memory so he remembers every player and their number and it’s kind of crazy. He knows more than I do!”

Kristin Cavallari shares a snapshot of her family at home. (Photo: Kristin Cavallari via Instagram)

Even baby Saylor, who turns 2 in November, is on it. “They just had a couple of preseason games and she was locked in. She was paying attention,” Cavallari reveals.

And while Saylor is adorable, don’t be fooled. The toddler gets down and wrestles with her brothers and has a few signature moves of her own. “We call her the honey badger because she looks cute and innocent, but she is tough and she will literally bite your face off,” Cavallari jokes. “She is one of the boys. She can hang, and she’s really the one we have to watch out for beating up the boys.”

The healthy eating guru, who is releasing a cookbook this spring called True Roots, says one of her favorite parts of away-game days is the food she cooks for her guests. “It’s all about good food, good drinks, and somewhere for everyone to sit,” she explains. Her go-to snacks include a healthier version of spinach artichoke dip, which calls for coconut milk in place of fatty ingredients, as well as bacon wrapped butternut squash, and stuffed jalapenos. “I always make yummy food, and we hang out on the couch and watch,” she says.

While showing off her jewelry collection in West Hollywood on Wednesday, Cavallari was greeted by Heidi Montag, who came out to show her support. One look at her former Laguna Beach co-star’s adorable pregnant belly put a smile on Cavallari’s face. “She’s been wanting this for a long time. I’m so happy for them,” she said, adding that Montag called to tell her about her pregnancy before going public with the news. “She’s going to be a great mom. Heidi is very sweet and very caring, and I think for a mom, those are the two most important things.”

Kristin Cavallari reunites with Heidi Montag. (Photo: Splash News)

In addition to Montag, Cavallari keeps in touch with several other co-stars including “Audrina [Patridge] and both Alexes from Laguna, who also just had babies. Everyone is in the next phase of their life and it’s really cool to see,” she says.

Since Cavallari was the first to become pregnant in her group, she’s become the person her friends go to for mommy advice. “It’s cool that I am able to be there for them, because I didn’t have anyone when I was pregnant. I was the first one so it’s awesome,” she says.

So what kinds of secrets does she share with her former co-stars? “Audrina asked me for maternity jeans. And Heidi, I just gave her a list of all of my favorite baby products,” she notes. “And she’s been asking me for name advice, which is so funny because my opinion really should not matter.”

At this time of year, the celeb mom is dealing with back to school. Her two sons have already headed off to their classrooms, which they seem to have enjoyed more than she did.

“Camden is in school five days a week, and Jackson is also in school three days a week,” Cavallari says. “I cried really hard on the first day of school. But they love it and they are so happy.” While the boys are away, Cavallari is enjoying some much-needed time with her youngest. “It’s nice. We’re doing a mommy and me class, and it’s good to have some girl time,” she says.

Between kids, work, and managing a long-distance relationship, Cavallari’s life is hectic. She credits a lot of her ability to keep her sanity to her mother-in-law. “She helps out a lot with the kids,” she explains. “She’s with them right now. I couldn’t do it without her.”

When it comes to work-life balance, Cavallari truly believes it’s possible to have it all — that is if you are willing to let go of the notion that everything has to be perfect. “We make it work,” she says. “I’m lucky. I can make my own hours. Some days I don’t want to work at all, I just want to be with my kids. And other days, it’s nice to have that mental break. I don’t think that everything can be the best of the best, but I totally think that you can have it all,” she says. “I think that the perfect balance changes daily and it’s different for everybody, but as long as you are doing the best that you can, that’s all that matters.”

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