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Kristin Cavallari's 'Laguna Beach' 'DUNZO' shirt design looks a lot like the Kenzo logo

Kristin Cavallari (Photo: Getty Images)

When InStyle asked Kristin Cavallari in 2016 to name her most memorable personal quote from her Laguna Beach days, she had a ready answer: “Dunzo is sort of my one thing,” she said. “People tweet me all the time: ‘My car is dunzo!’” Now she’s able to wear her old catch phrase wherever she goes, thanks to a gift from T-shirt designers Berm Squad.

“Thanks for the shirt @jackketso @thebermsquad,” Cavallari wrote on Instagram on Saturday, captioning a photo in which she modeled her new “DUNZO” shirt.

The design of the shirt mimics the sleek, triple-lined logo of French fashion house Kenzo, founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, right down to “Cali” being swapped for “Paris” in the letter O. Los Angeles-based Berm Squad also makes “Hoochie” shirts that mimic the Gucci logo.

They’re clearly cheeky parodies of the famous fashion houses’ logos, but they’re also rather risky moves. Kenzo is owned by LVMH, an international corporation that does not take lightly any use of its trademarks. It has repeatedly sued companies that have attempted to use the Louis Vuitton name or logo, and even when LVMH loses, the companies being sued face huge legal fees.

Cavallari’s fans didn’t seem to mind (or notice) the similarity, as most of them commented that they loved and needed the top.

“Ugh I need this shirt,” one person wrote.

Another chimed in, “So cute!! I want one! I say ‘dunzo’ all the time because of you and Laguna Beach!”

Cavallari is clearly enjoying this callback to her early reality-TV days.

Many Laguna Beach and Hills fans have been feeling nostalgia for KCav’s teenage years, even as they enjoy watching her grownup life on E!’s Very Cavallari. The fashion designer and mother of three spends her screen time running her business Uncommon James and sharing cute moments with husband Jay Cutler, a far cry from her teenage love triangles and frenemy feuds. Then again, that moment her car broke down in the middle of the road did give us a hint of how she would one day deal with the frustrations of being a boss.

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