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KryptoGraphe (Crypto Portfolio Tracker App) Hits 20K Downloads in First 3 Weeks After Launch

With phenomenal response worldwide, KryptoGraphe is well on its way to becoming the preferred option to track and monitor crypto portfolios

FRANKLIN, Tenn., April 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- KryptoGraphe is proud to announce the successful launch of its new smartphone app, which offers the easiest and most efficient way to track crypto portfolios.

The KryptoGraphe team started investing in the crypto market in early 2017 and soon realized that while their portfolios were growing (and quickly), they lacked the means to manage, monitor and track their investments easily. Like many other startups, KryptoGraphe was born from a real and pressing market need.

The team brought in design experts to develop an app which would make it extremely easy to manage cryptocurrency investments. The result is an app which auto integrates and syncs with exchanges and wallets, and also gives users true insights about how their portfolios are doing, based on authentic FIFO (First In First Out) accounting methods.

The team also decided on some additional features and screens to make the app useful to practically any user around the world. KryptoGraphe is now available in 13 major world languages in response to the truly global nature of the cryptocurrency market.

Download the app for free at:

KryptoGraphe spokesperson Rohan Sheth (CMO) says: "This app also helps benchmark users' performance. It shows investors how their portfolios are performing against others in the booming cryptocurrency market. A reality check is a great way to stay focused on better returns and avoid unnecessary risks. The download numbers in the first three weeks demonstrate the app's enormous potential, and the user reviews show that our users really like what they have seen so far."

KryptoGraphe was created to promote safe investing, something that has long been difficult in the cryptocurrency world, given its volatility and noise. As far as possible, KryptoGraphe aims to remove the suspense and any surprises from the investment process and to help its users make appropriate decisions based on meaningful insights. Watch a short explanatory video here: https://youtu.be/XxOlIv_dqfA.

KryptoGraphe already integrates with 20-plus exchanges and six categories of wallets, and the team is currently working on integrating with more exchanges and apps.

Company Name:  

KryptoGraphe Inc.


Lewes, Delaware, USA






+1 800-862-7703

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