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KT Tunstall discovered singing talent came from long-lost dad

Julia Hunt
KT Tunstall performs on main stage during Isle of Wight Festival 2019 at Seaclose Park on June 15, 2019 in Newport, Isle of Wight. Carla Speight/Redferns)

KT Tunstall has revealed she discovered her singing talent might have come from her long-lost father after she tracked down her biological family.

The Scottish singer, 44, always knew she was adopted as a baby.

She traced her biological mother herself years ago and tried to find her real dad John on ITV’s Long Lost Family series.

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Sadly, she learned that he had passed away in 2002.

But Tunstall also discovered that she has two half-sisters, Siobhan and Lesley-Anne.

She said: “I knew his name, I knew that he was Northern Irish, I knew that he ended up living in northern Scotland.

“And then when I met my biological mother, she told me a bit more about him as well.

“But she’s always said that he’s a good person, with a good heart. He’s a nice guy.

“She told me straight off the bat that he wanted to get married and keep me and be my father, but she was just not able to do that in her life, with him.”

She went on: “I think our father had found it very difficult that he wasn’t able to bring me up and be my father and I think there was some guilt and shame associated with that, so he obviously made the decision to not tell his family about it.”

Tunstall continued: “But when I met my biological mum, the two things that I was really interested in is, do I look like her?

“And where does my musicianship come from, because that’s not something that I share with my adopted family.

“And pretty much the first thing she said to me was, ‘Oh my God, you wouldn’t be able to walk past your dad on the street – and he was an amazing singer’.”