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Kushco Holdings, IEKO Agree To Produce Biodegradable Cannabis Packaging Solutions

ME Staff

Kushco Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS:KSHB) has announced that it has entered into a long-term production and distribution contract with IEKO corporation in line with the sustainability initiative that it announced previously. The agreement is for the production of biodegradable and compostable packaging products to be used in the CBD and cannabis industries.

Producing sustainable packaging solutions

Following the agreement, Kushco and IEKO will work together in developing formulations as well as products meant for the CBD and cannabis processing industries. At the same time, the companies will ensure that the new formulations and products are sustainable and environmentally friendly by employing proprietary technology and biodegradable materials.

The packaging solutions that the companies will produce under the agreement will get tested through BPI and ASTMS standards to ensure they are appropriately certified. In addition, IEKO will also offer research and development, quality assurance as well as the account management personnel.

Demand for environmentally conscious packaging

Nick Kovacevich, the Chief Executive Officer of KushCo Holdings, stated that the company’s responsibility is to reimagine its products in the world today to ensure sustainability and viability for tomorrow’s generations. The world is moving towards sustainability, and KushCo customers are demanding environmentally conscious packaging solutions for their daily needs. Kovacevich added that partnership with Bob Meers and IEKO was a significant milestone for the company.

The KushCo CEO added that it was inspiring to former Reebok and Lululemon CEO being passionate about environmental sustainability and that the company was delighted to be involved in the eco-sustainability movement that customers have been yearning. IEKO is a leading company with great ability to design as well as produce unique products, and KushCo is looking forward to working together with California’s leading packaging companies.

IEKO Chief Executive Officer, Robert Meers, stated that the partnership would allow the company to be vertically integrated processing, formulating and producing company dedicated to the production of 100% compostable sustainable packaging. The partnership provides the company with the ability to develop and deliver next-generation renewable resources with zero-waste materials. Bob added that the company was glad to partner with someone who shares their commitment.

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