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KutTech Land Clearing & Mowing - The Premier SENNEBOGEN Tree Removal Service Provider

GEORGETOWN, Mass., May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- KutTech Land Clearing & Mowing has paired up with SENNEBOGEN, the leading material handler manufacturer in North America, to provide training & demonstrations of the new revolutionary SENNEBOGEN 718E tree-handler - a nimble machine able to safely dismantle a tree in minutes, instead of hours. 

KutTech also offers their own SENNEBOGEN 718E services to other tree service providers that need extra help on their projects. This is often the case when there are emergency storm jobs or when companies simply need more manpower to complete a larger contract in time, but aren't ready to invest in their own machine. Instead, they outsource to KutTech. 

"Had Rob help us out on a large project. He was able to get almost 500 trees down, stacked and ready to be chipped in less than 5 days. The SENNEBOGEN is a beast…"

— Greg D.

The SENNEBOGEN 718E tree-handler is able to dismantle and stack acres of trees in only days, all while protecting the operator and not exposing other tree workers to the typical dangers involved in tree removal. 

Built for the urban environment, the 718 tree handler is able to easily navigate around buildings, utility lines, roads, and sensitive wetland areas to safely trim or dismantle trees posing a threat to people or property.

About KutTech Land Clearing & Mowing:
KutTech, LLC is New England's premier SENNEBOGEN service provider. Its founder, Robert Frost, a third-generation tree and land clearer, has become known as one of the world's most skilled SENNEBOGEN 718E material handlers. He has invested his entire career in operating this type of equipment, primarily in the tree industry. His unmatched skill operating its machines has led SENNEBOGEN, LLC to often turn to him for demonstrations, training and exhibitions.

The SENNEBOGEN 718E has revolutionized certain aspects of tree removal and maintenance as well as movement of material on construction sites and situations that require rapid handling of cargo and inventory in an efficient manner.

Please contact Rob today to discuss how KutTech, LLC can help you with your tree and material handling needs. He is available and ready to mobilize throughout the United States and Canada.

Robert Frost
KutTech Land Clearing & Mowing


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