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Kwikpay Introduces Intelligent Vending for the 21st Century

LONDON, April 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

The unmanned retail ecosystem is about to undergo a paradigm shift and the company responsible for this is a UK based startup 'Kwikpay'. Kwikpay introduces a much awaited 'appyfication' and true 'digitization' for the Vending Industry.

Kwikpay has established a great reputation as a marketplace for mobile top-up gaming top-up, digital services and most recently for electric vehicle charging through its app. Now in association with Vendekin, a U.S. based startup focused on Vending Digitization and Automation, Kwikpay brings smart vending to UK.

With this, Kwikpay powers operators and brands to easily transport their existing traditional vending machines into an app. Consumers can select and pay on the app via a touch-free cashless experience. The intuitive app allows for multiple vends in a single transaction and does instant refunds if the products are not dispensed - No more cash gobbling machines.

Operators can run loyalty programmes, entice repeat orders, run promotions and have end-to-end control and visibility of their vending operations. Brands have a better understanding of their consumers' needs. Thereby, Kwikpay enables the traditional vending industry to transform into an end-to-end digitally progressive ecosystem.

Neeraj Bhatia, CEO- Kwikpay says, "The vending industry has been unable to take advantage of such plans till date due to technical limitations. With this solution, operators and brands can easily transport their existing vending machines into the app, run loyalty programmes, entice repeat orders and run promotions."

All this without the need for extensive overhaul of the vending machines, or even internet connectivity at the machine; additionally, the solution works seamlessly with any existing card readers and standalone vending management software that might already be in use.

Aroon Khatter, CEO- Vendekin, says, "The vending ecosystem lacks an integrated platform which can collect, analyze data and truly transform digitally the way the vending industry functions."

With this, the operators and brands are provided with machine level intelligence that empowers them to take business decisions based on real data. An easy plug and play solution which can convert the traditional cash and coin vending machines to Intelligent Vending machines of the future.

To know more please visit our website http://kwikpay.com/kwik-vend/  

*For a detailed overview of all the product features, visit us at Stand 93 at Vendex Midlands, on 24th April 2018 from 10am to 4pm
write to us at kwikvend@kwikpay.com and we can set up a demo for you.

Media Contact:
Neeraj Bhatia