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KY Business, Compliance Resource, Offers Pandemic Tools & Courses to Help Bankers Serve Their Communities

In solidarity with bankers and other financial institutions, Compliance Resource has tailored a special series of online Pandemic Offerings.

LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 14, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- With the news and policies around COVID-19 continually changing, bankers and other financial institutions face a unique and unprecedented challenge. They must serve their communities with up-to-date information, care for the individual customer, and support local economies. Compliance Resource, Kentucky-based training and webinar hub for financial services, is stepping in with Pandemic Offerings to strengthen and equip these essential institutions in their endeavors.

Since 2001, Compliance Resource has been dedicated to providing high-quality, timely and practical training tools and webinars for financial institutions. In a time of great change, this mission holds steady. In order to provide clients with accessible resources while social distancing, they are placing a greater emphasis on virtual courses. "We are converting live training to online programs whenever possible," says Jack Holzknecht, President. "We have successfully converted several full-day seminars to online programs, and we also converted one of the largest week-long compliance schools in the nation to an online program."

While every industry and government service works to protect the health and economic interests of the community, financial institutions hold a critical role. "Financial institutions are essential to the American economy and the lives of their customers," notes Robin Cooper, Director of Compliance. "We see three main challenges that banks are facing during this time — how to safely serve customers, how to help customers who are experiencing financial hardship due to coronavirus, and how to do both while following the endless trickle of guidance coming from regulatory agencies."

As an essential service, banks remain open and operational, offering friendly financial guidance to their customers. With few exceptions, this now includes helping customers dealing with financial strain due to layoffs and furloughs from their struggling employers amid our current economic crisis. Cooper underscores the importance of bankers as a "lifeline to their customers' financial health. "This is a tall order for any financial institution, especially community banks, but they continue to go above and beyond to serve their customers, and we're glad to offer resources to help them do so."

In solidarity with bankers and other financial institutions, Compliance Resource has tailored a special series of online Pandemic Offerings. These include a pandemic discussion forum, tailored compliance tools, financial news updates, expert Q-and-A sessions, as well as pandemic webinars and webinar recordings. By providing flexible access to timely compliance learning materials and training, they are empowering bankers to continue to serve their customers with clarity.

Kristin Goose, Compliance Masters Group Member and financial professional in Louisville, KY, describes the benefits of these offerings from personal experience. "Compliance Resource has helped my financial institution navigate the unprecedented demands of the pandemic by ensuring we are aware of each regulatory issuance and are quickly able to determine what is necessary to comply."

As with all members of the economy and community, Compliance Resource is honored to do their part to support financial service providers. "We're proud of our part and grateful for the opportunity to help banks, and indirectly American consumers, get through this pandemic," says Cooper.

To learn more about Compliance Resource's Pandemic Offerings, visit their website: https://www.jackscomplianceresource.com/


SOURCE Compliance Resource, LLC