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Kyle Korver's rare dunk had everybody smiling ... even Draymond Green


Kyle Korver dunked in an NBA Finals game.

Wait, let’s try that again, this time with the necessary enthusiasm and incredulity …


Seriously, he did:

NBA fans understandably went nuts. Millions of them around the country surely had smiles on their faces as Korver, who has averaged one dunk per year over the past six seasons, rose up toward the rim. You know who else had a smile on his face?

Draymond Green. Take a closer look at the above photo:


Even Green had to appreciate the rarity of a Korver throwdown. Here’s another angle of his reaction:

Hat tip to SB Nation for pointing out Draymond’s grin. Maybe the fiery Warriors forward is just a generally happy person when he’s out on a basketball court in front of thousands of fans, but the logical conclusion to draw is that he appreciates old-man dunks when he sees them.