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Kylie Jenner took Stormi skiing for the first time and it's ADORABLE

Emily Gulla
Photo credit: Kylie Jenner / Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

Just when you thought Stormi Webster couldn't get any cuter, after we've seen her adorably try to shoot a basketball hoop and dress up in a tiny Halloween costume to end all Halloween costumes, Kylie Jenner has proven us all wrong by sharing snaps of her one-year-old daughter on her first ski trip.

Following a series of snow-sport LOOKS served by Kylie, including a Chanel ski-suit and earmuffs, Kylie posted a video on Instagram of little Stormi snowboarding and NGL she's surprisingly good.

Captioning the video, "I can't handle this," Kylie filmed Stormi casually snowboarding in a cute white snow-suit and pink helmet as she's pulled along by an instructor, while Kylie says, "Yay, big girl! You're so cool baby." SO CUTE. We can't stop watching.

In the second video, one-year-old Stormi is snowboarding on her own and we literally have no idea HOW. Turns out she's a natural. Guess that's what happens when you're born into celeb royalty.

Kylie's friends and family obviously found the videos as cute as us, with Khloe Kardashian commenting, "Kylie Kristen!!!!!! Stop it now!!!" and Kim K adding, "Stop!!!! I cannot handle this."

Hailey Bieber wrote, "dying over here," while Bella Hadid gushed, "OMG I CANNOT HANDLE," adding, "THIS IS HEAVEN SHE IS HEAVEN."

Kylie also shared pics of her and Stormi in matching ski gear, captioning the post, "Storm’s first snow trip," as she posed with her daughter on the slopes and in the ski lift, while Kim Kardashian commented "So beautiful."

Stormi Webster turns two in February and she's already living a living a life better than all of us, including owning a custom Lamborghini. But what else do you expect when your mum is the world's youngest self-made billionaire?

More cute pics please, Kylie!

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