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Kyrie Irving, Nike double down on spreading flat-Earth ignorance

Kyrie Irving takes joy in marketing false science to his young fans. (AP)

Kyrie Irving appears to seriously believe the world is flat. Or if he doesn’t, he takes some sort of twisted joy in pretending that he does.

And now he has Nike on board, spreading ignorance to impressionable youth. First, Nike gave him a flat-Earth cameo in this Christmas day commercial promoting his new kicks.

Now there’s this monstrosity on display at Boston’s “Sneakeasy” sneaker event.

That is a Kyrie 4 hovering over some sort of Nike-sanctioned display purportedly explaining Irving’s nonsense theory. Feel free to reach your own interpretation.

Surely, Nike sees this as all fun and games and an opportunity to cash in on an Internet meme.

But spreading ignorance is not OK. There’s entirely too much misinformation available in this world as is.

Marketing shoes to a largely young target demographic with false science as a hook is not clever or funny. It’s irresponsible.