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Ladingo to Make First US Appearance at Global Strategies for American Retailers Panel, Las Vegas

HOD HASHARON, Israel, Oct. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Champion of the global fulfillment of international purchases of all sized items, Ladingo announced today that it will be making its first official appearance in the United States at the upcoming Retail Global conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ruth Reiner, Co-Founder and CMO of Lagindo, will take part in the conference's Global Strategies for American Retailers panel on October 10th at 11:40am.

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Ladingo is the first company to create a technological solution that enables the simple, straightforward and automated purchase of items to be shipped internationally. The innovative platform introduces the possibility of the low-cost, international shipping of large items purchased through B2C e-commerce sellers by:

  • Automating the fulfillment process of large items from the online shop to the customer's doorstep
  • Building a technology that uses ocean freight to enable the international B2C e-commerce of large items
  • Utilizing a container-sharing technology to lower shipping costs, per customer
  • Digitizing all documentation and the calculation of all taxation, to present all costs to the shopper, upfront
  • With Ladingo, buying large items such as furniture, bikes or home appliances from international online-shops is as easy as ordering a book or a t-shirt online.

Retailers are invited to join Ladingo at the 'Global Strategies for American Retailers' panel and learn how they can finally sell large items internationally, increasing their reach and revenues and expanding to meet global supply and demand needs, while continuing to ship locally. During the panel, Ruth and other panel participants will address some of the challenges currently experienced when engaging in cross-border trade, highlighting solutions and success stories retailers can learn from, so they can start selling big and scaling their businesses.

"The $2.3 Trillion B2C e-commerce market currently mostly consists of small items delivered by air freight. I am so excited to share Ladingo's mission to expand the digital retail industry's fulfillment capabilities, and make the world a flatter, more accessible place. I look forward to meeting American retailers a Retail Global and hope that by attending our panel they will find out how to optimize your position, so that every customer completes his or her purchase regardless of his or her location across the globe, or the size of the product acquired," Reiner explains.

About Ladingo

Ladingo is a global B2B2C company that ensures seamless international shipping for B2C e-commerce – including large item courier services, using its data-driven container-sharing platform.  Ladingo's cloud-based software solution automates fulfillment of international parcel services, for maximum efficiency and minimum complexity, integrating innovative features such as automated price generation, optimized route calculation, virtual container consolidation and more.

For more information, contact Team@Ladingo.com phone: +1(551)222-3583 or visit our website www.Ladingo.com

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