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Lady Gaga's 'superhero' makeup line is already an Amazon Prime Day best-seller

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Lady Gaga's makeup line Haus Laboratories is becoming an Amazon favorite already! (Photo: Amazon)

Amazon Prime Day has brought on a plethora of incredible deals, but Lady Gaga’s brand-new makeup collection is already a favorite among shoppers.

Haus Laboratories launched on Amazon Prime Day for pre-sale (the products ship on September 17th), but the makeup products are already best-sellers! The brand’s debut marks the first major beauty line to launch and be sold exclusively on Amazon

To create the line, Lady Gaga teamed up with her long-time makeup artist Sarah Tanno, who she gushed about to Allure, saying, “I love Sarah so much. She's literally picked me up off the floor and put makeup on my face to change my whole day.”

Lady Gaga hopes her makeup line will give users the opportunity to change their mood and persona. “All of the insecurities that I've dealt with my whole life from being bullied when I was younger, they come right back up to bite me. Then I put makeup on, and before I know it, I feel this superhero within. It gives me those wings to fly,” the singer told the magazine.

A lot of the products are intended for multi-use — including the Glam Attack liquid shadows, which can be used on the eyes, lips or cheeks. There is also a lip liner duo for all the lipstick lovers out there along with the No. 1 best-seller in the beauty department at the moment: The 3-piece Haus of Collections.

Check out some of our favorites from Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories line and pre-order before they run out!

HAUS Laboratories Haus of Collections 3-Piece Set in Haus of Goddess

HAUS Laboratories Haus of Collections 3-Piece Set in Haus of Goddess. (Photo: Amazon)

One of the more subtle trios, you can use the lip liner and liquid shimmer all over the face as highlighter and cheek tint as well. Here are the details on this set:

  • Glam Attack All-Over Liquid Shimmer Powder in Aphrodite, a champagne hue that goes easily from day to night.

  • RIP Lip Liner in Myth, the perfect color to create that ombre lip that’s been trending.

  • Le Riot Lip Gloss in Venus, a subtle and peach pink to accentuate your pout.

  • To top it all off, the collection comes in a chic vinyl clutch to stow all your makeup.

Pre-order it: $49, amazon.com

HAUS Laboratories Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powder Duo in Give ‘Em Heaven

HAUS Laboratories Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powder Duo in Give ‘Em Heaven. (Photo: Amazon)

Create a dynamic eye with these two shimmers, or use on top of a lipstick to create a whole new sparkly, semi-matte shade.

  • Look like a sweet gilded cherub with this yellow-gold liquid to powder wand called Legend.

  • Accent the highest points of your face—brow bone, cheek bones, and bridge of the nose with this dewy shade named Aphrodite.

Pre-order it: $36, amazon.com

HAUS Laboratories RIP Lip Liner Duo in Royalty

HAUS Laboratories RIP Lip Liner Duo in Royalty. (Photo: Amazon)

Gaga uses these liners on the entire lip for a more pigmented look, but they can also be blended out into more of a stain.

  • Called RIP because it is lip color to die for. Keep edges from feathering with this stay put demi-matte formula.

  • This duo comes with Drag, a medium plum, and Rule, a spiced terracotta, to suit multiple moods.

Pre-order it: $26, amazon.com

Are you a fan of Lady Gaga? Do you think we need another celebrity beauty line in this world?

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