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Lance Armstrong disputes report that Lance Armstrong is dead

It’s no secret that the internet is a cesspool of fake news, celebrity news, and fake celebrity news, and really you should cast a skeptical eye at anything you read anywhere (except here at Yahoo Sports, of course).

Plenty of people love to sling the term “fake news” when they really mean “news that I don’t like,” but every so often, you get absolute, indisputable evidence that what you’re reading is flat-out not true. Such was the case on Friday, when a garbage website reported that Lance Armstrong, former seven-time Tour de France winner, had died.

We go now to Lance Armstrong himself for comment:

I dunno, man. Still gonna need a second source on that one.

(Seriously. Don’t believe everything you read, especially if the only source is some weird website that your aunt shared on Facebook.)

Lance Armstrong, alive and well. (Screenshot)

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