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Larry David can't stop laughing while reading mean tweets about Jimmy Kimmel

Jennifer Kline, AOL.com

Larry David often delights in the discomfort of others -- but during a recent spot on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," his unfiltered glee was simply unmatched.

The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star sat down backstage to film an installment of "Mean Tweets," where celebrities usually read aloud rude tweets about themselves. But this version was different: Stars read tweets not about themselves, but instead about Jimmy Kimmel.

The segment aired earlier this week in celebration of Kimmel's birthday, but the following day, Kimmel revealed that it was difficult for producers to choose suitable footage from David's shoot -- because he couldn't hold back hysterical laughter as he read the scathing tweets about Kimmel.

"So this morning, everybody was telling me that was one of the few tweets he read that he could use because he couldn't stop laughing for the whole thing," Kimmel said. "Here's Larry David unable to curb his enthusiasm about a lack of enthusiasm for me."

Watch the hilarious outtake reel below: