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Latest Trend in Bed: Keeping Your Cool

Brandon Ballenger

Bedroom temperature is the most common complaint among couples with sleep problems, a Better Sleep Council survey says.

Mattress makers think they have a solution — or several. They’re selling beds and accessories with names like Arctic, Glacier and Chillow, The Wall Street Journal says.

These products are designed to provide beds that offset body heat to keep sleepers cool and comfortable, and they do it in various ways. Toppers with remote controls for temperature, fans underneath the bed, and water-filled or heat-absorbing gel pads are among the methods the WSJ mentions. They’re supposed to maintain temperatures in the range of 85 to 90 degrees. A few examples:

  • Brookstone ChiliPad, $400.
  • Sleep Number DualTemp Layer, $1,000 (twin), $1,700 (queen) or $1,900 (king).
  • Tempur Sealy OptiCool mattresses, starting at $1,300.
  • Beautyrest ComforPedic mattresses, starting at $1,300.

Last year, a National Sleep Foundation survey found that two-thirds of consumers thought a cool bedroom was important for a good night’s rest. But paying for a cooler bed isn’t the only way to improve your sleep. Check out the video below for some other cheap ideas from a sleep expert:

Would you pay for a cooler bed? Some of the temperature-control accessories cost as much as a mattress, but can’t replace one. Let us know what you think of this technology on our Facebook page.

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