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Lauer axed from NBC, NK's latest missile test, Trump pushes tax bill

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis ChristoforousRick NewmanDan Roberts and Jared Blikre discuss the big stories of the day.

Today’s topics:

  • Matt Lauer fired at NBC
  • North Korea’s latest missile test
  • Trump to visit Missouri to gain tax plan support
  • Bitcoin soars past $10k, approaching $11k
  • Tiffany beats on profits but reports soft sales
  • Chipotle searching for new CEO
  • Steve Bannon to campaign with Roy Moore
  • Cineworld offers $3.1B for Regal Entertainment
  • Autodesk lays off 13% of workforce
  • EA nixes in-game purchases after user backlash
  • Microsoft to revamp Redmond campus, add 8K jobs
  • Uber’s net loss grows to $1.46B: sources
  • ESPN is laying off 150 people
  • Tesla sacrificing quality for speed: Reuters