Launchable Announces $9.5M in Series A to Deliver on Its Vision of Continuous Quality for Developers for Faster Software Releases

Launchable adds machine learning in the commit-test cycles for immediate impact on software cycle times and brings its vision of data-driven DevOps to teams

SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 27, 2021 / Launchable, the intelligence platform layer for all software testing, today announced it has closed a $9.5 million Series A investment led by 645 Ventures, Battery Ventures, Unusual Ventures, GoingVC, and angel investors. The funding will be used to deliver on its vision of Continuous Quality for developers to deliver faster software releases.

Many software teams struggle to deliver software quickly. Developers deal with an ever increasing number of tests, platforms to get their code to production -- test automation is adding to the tsunami of data generated by these tests. This creates a large loss of productivity waiting for the right failures, as well as increased costs due to longer runtimes. Development teams are paying millions of dollars running tests that are not giving the right signal at the right time to developers.

"Our vision is to help teams and developers deliver software quickly and confidently, with data-driven insights and actions. Historically, slow software build & test problems have been 'solved' by brute force, by throwing more computers and humans at the problem," said Kohsuke Kawaguchi, co-CEO and co-Founder, Launchable and creator of Jenkins. "Many teams are now hitting the limit of that. With software becoming bigger and the demand stronger, with more automation, Launchable is able to help developers and teams intelligently solve this problem. Test what matters and find issues faster, reduce risk, increase commit frequency, and decrease time-to-production."

Typical software projects require long-running test suites that run all tests each time they are run, proving to be wasteful when developers are working on a minor change in a large project. There is no easy way to know the precise tests to run when only a few are relevant.

The core of the Launchable platform is a machine learning intelligence that predicts the likelihood of failure for each test based on past runs and the source code changes under test. Every time tests run, the results are passed to Launchable to continuously train the model, and on the next test run the platform predicts which subset of all tests to test based on code changes coming in. Launchable solves infrastructure costs and productivity issues by identifying and running the appropriate tests in each run, thereby reducing test run times without sacrificing quality. The platform can also use this data to identify and score the most flaky tests in the test suites.

"When I was working as an engineering lead, building testing suites was always a balance between having strong coverage while also having them run quickly enough to give developers quick feedback," said Alessio Fanelli, VP at 645. "Launchable's testing intelligence product allows engineering teams to get the best of both worlds, and will help companies unlock thousands of hours of engineering productivity. We're excited to partner with Harpreet, Kohsuke, and the whole team to evangelize a new category."

Launchable was founded by Kawaguchi, and Harpreet Singh, VP Product at Cloudbees and Head of Product for Bitbucket at Atlassian. Famous for creating Jenkins, Kawaguchi is passionate about solving problems developers face every day. As CTO of CloudBees, he worked with Singh to create the Jenkins business and grew the team to over 400 people. Singh helped create the Jenkins business that scaled to multi-millions in ARR. Launchable was launched in September 2019.

"As early seed investors in Launchable, we've been heartened to see the progress the company has made, particularly during the pandemic, as many organizations accelerated digital-transformation efforts and saw first-hand the importance of improving software-development processes," said Dharmesh Thakker, a Battery Ventures general partner. Added Chiraag Deora, a Battery vice president: "Many companies continue to struggle to deliver quality software fast, so we're pleased to continue to back Launchable as it helps dev teams eliminate the testing bottleneck."

Additional investors include GoingVC and Al Zollar, Siris Capital Group, Executive Advisor. Previously, Launchable raised $3.2M in seed funding from investors including Sri Viswanath, CTO Atlassian, Noah Wasmer, Head of Technical Teams, Atlassian, Sacha Labourey, Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer at CloudBees, Masaru Tange, Founder, SHIFT, Inc., Koki Uchiyama, Founder, Hottolink, Inc., Jagmeet Lamba, Founder and CEO, Certa, and Bob Bickel, CEO RunSignup.

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Launchable is an intelligence platform layer for all software testing that shortens wait times for testing, speeds up and optimizes CI pipeline efficiency, leading to shipping higher-quality software faster. Through machine learning in Lauchable's SaaS, developers and Dev teams can test what matters and find bugs faster, reduce risk, increase commit frequency, and decrease time-to-production, all leading to Continuous Quality. Test what matters at

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