The Launchpad Ignites Technology Matchmaking with MQL Membership Program

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL / ACCESSWIRE / August 11, 2022 / The Launchpad recently announced the unveiling of their groundbreaking MQL Membership Program - a unique offering that connects B2B IT buyers with the industry's best vendors and solutions. In doing so, the Certified Women's Business Enterprise is ushering in a new era of IT sales, moving away from demand generation and into a more effective and lucrative system in which both IT buyers and sellers win.

The Launchpad, Thursday, August 11, 2022, Press release picture
The Launchpad, Thursday, August 11, 2022, Press release picture

The MQL Membership Program provides technology solutions providers with highly qualified, conversation ready, and purchase intent IT buyers - dramatically shortening the sales cycle by introducing prospective clients in the middle of the sales funnel instead of the beginning. As a result, vendors no longer have to worry about connecting with "leads" who are not truly interested in their IT solutions. Instead, sales teams will now enter every meeting with the confidence of knowing that the buyer is looking for their specific solution and is ready to engage.

The membership program comes at a pivotal time for both organizations and IT vendors. Now more than ever, companies are looking closely at their tech needs for the year and searching only for the best solutions to their unique problems. As a technology matchmaker, The Launchpad takes the time to foster relationships with IT buyers, identifying their specific needs and then connecting them with their robust community of service providers.

The Launchpad, Thursday, August 11, 2022, Press release picture
The Launchpad, Thursday, August 11, 2022, Press release picture

For IT vendors, having access to highly qualified leads means they can offer more personalized service, connect only with buyers who are conversation ready, and deliver their solutions to the companies that need them most. It is a rare win-win scenario for buyers and sellers, simplifying the search and sales process and ensuring that each side comes away with a favorable outcome.

The MQL Membership Program ensures that IT vendors connect not simply with a high volume of leads, but that they engage with people in real-time with clear needs they can solve. Instead of spending valuable time and resources gathering hundreds of leads who may not be ready to commit to new tech solutions, sellers can direct their efforts in a laser-focused way, leading to faster and more lucrative sales as well as more satisfied clients.

Their new offering is another way in which The Launchpad has established themselves as leaders within the tech industry, matching companies in a way that ensures success for both sides. Because of their commitment to building strong relationships within the tech community, The Launchpad offers ongoing sales training, account management, and project management guidance that enables IT sellers to maximize their investment and strengthen their offerings.

As The Launchpad CEO Tonya Turrell explains, the MQL Membership Program is the next step in an evolving industry. Every company has IT needs, which makes "demand generation" obsolete. What people need now is access to the right solution at the right time - a more nuanced, personalized approach.

"Anyone who is doing an appointment setting has to see that there are diminishing returns," Turrell says. "Everyone is experiencing that and asking what they can do differently and better. This program is the answer to that."

To ensure quality, deliverability, and exclusivity, the MQL Membership Program accepts a limited number of clients. For IT vendors seeking ways to keep up with a rapidly shifting marketplace and maximize their sales funnel with highly qualified, conversation ready, purchase intent tech buyers, more information is available at

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