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These Laundry Hacks Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier

Melissa Baran

Laundry isn't my least favorite chore, but let's just say I wouldn't mind if there was less of it. But c'est la vie, it must be done! Thankfully, there are some great go-to hacks out there that make the process a little less tedious—from stains to sorting, these laundry tips will make your life 1,000 times easier.

Switch Up Your Sorting Routine

Rather than sorting one large hamper, group a few cute laundry bins or baskets together with a home for each type of load: darks, whites, delicates, etc.


Lingerie Bags

These little bags come in handy for lots of things, not just lace-y lingerie. Think: anything with hooks, velcro or items that can catch. Oh, and socks! Never lose one again with a lingerie bag.

Ran out of dryer sheets?

Use a ball of aluminum foil! Or, never use dryer sheets again and go with an eco-friendly alternative like these.

Dry It Faster

Make clothes dry faster by throwing in a large fluffy towel.


Grease Stains: Break out the white chalk. The chalk powder helps to absorb the grease allowing your stain to slide right off in the wash.

Grass Stains: Hydrogen peroxide is your best friend!

Ink Stains: Soak overnight in a mixture of 2 parts milk with 1 part vinegar.

All Wrinkled Up?

Keep a steamer on-hand to remove wrinkles fast.

Ice Cube Trick

Another genius one for wrinkled items. Pop the item in the dryer with an ice cube and a dryer sheet for 10 minutes and voila!

Beautiful Bedding

When drying pillows or duvet inserts, add a tennis ball or two to the dryer to prevent clumping.