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Laverne Cox Sizzles In Her Long-Awaited Collab With Beyoncé

Suzy Strutner
(Ivy Park)

Of courseLaverne Cox absolutely slayed her first fashion campaign.

The actress and transgender activistteased a collaboration with Beyoncé last month, and now it’s here: a photo campaign for the autumn/winter 2017 collection of Ivy Park, Queen Bey’s athleisure clothing line.

(Ivy Park)

Cox joins an all-black cast, including models Ralph Souffrant and Grace Bol and dancer Karen McDonald in the campaign, which shines light on inclusivity in fashion, according to a press release. 

The image roundup “pushes back against the homogenized blur of social media, where cookie cutter images of young men and women dictate how we ‘should’ look in order to fit in or belong,” the release states.

Model Ralph Souffrant and actress Laverne Cox. (Ivy Park)
Model Grace Bol. (Ivy Park)
Dancer Karen McDonald. (Ivy Park)

We’ve got to applaud Cox for her willingness to jump in and take these photos, which she shot during a one-day trip to Los Angeles that came with little notice, according to Glamour. 

“I woke up at like three or four in the morning. I stretched. I made sure I was warmed up, so I could really give everything I could give,” Cox, who loves to dance, told Glamour. “Hopefully we connect [with] people on an emotional level.”

Since the campaign aims to celebrate diversity, it should be noted that Ivy Park has received backlash in the past for its lack of plus sizes. And in a perfect world, this collection’s productshots on retail sites would feature models of more varied sizes.

But the new items do still look bey-utiful. Here are some of our favorites:


Net bodysuit, $72 at Nordstrom

Logo sweatshirt, $50 at Nordstrom

Premium jacquard knit bra, $55 at Topshop

Embossed neoprene lined slide sandal, $42 at Nordstrom


Net leggings, $65 at Nordstrom

Slay on, slayers.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.