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Layer 3 Communications Validates IronClad Encryption’s Cyber Security Technology


IronClad Encryption Corporation (IRNC), a next-generation cyber defense company that secures digital assets and communications across a wide range of industries and technologies today announced that Layer 3 Communications, an engineering firm providing complex network services and products, has tested and verified IronClad’s cyber technology utilized by ICEmicro. In addition, Layer 3 Communications is producing a white paper, expected to be published in 30 days, that explains the validation procedures, parameters and results, as well as its significance.

Layer 3 Communications provides a broad range of consulting and management services for companies building and utilizing data, voice and video networks. IronClad’s technology enhances the value of these secure managed networks. Layer 3 Communications’ services include network audits, network analyses, network design, network security, project management, staging and implementation, installation and support planning. Layer 3 also integrates local and wide area networks, so its customers can take advantage of internet access, virtual private networks, remote access, network security and firewalls.

“Since network security is a top priority for Layer 3 Communications and our customers, it was imperative that we test and evaluate IronClad’s technology to ensure its functionality," said Rodney Turner, President and CEO of Layer 3 Communications. Based on our evaluation, we are confident that IronClad’s technology performs as designed and intended. We now have complete confidence that IronClad’s unique ICEmicro technology will function effectively on our new suite of ultra-secure and highly differentiated products. ICEmicro is the foundation for our next-generation of ultra-secure services and products."

"Layer 3 Communications’ validation and endorsement of our ICEmicro technology is a major milestone for IronClad,” said JD McGraw, President and CEO of IronClad Encryption. "Layer 3’s third-party written evaluation of our technology gives IronClad true market credibility.”

IronClad Encryption's ICEmicro Docker Container secures communications between and among software, devices, network equipment and networks. It can also secure data communications among disparate data centers, clouds, and hybrid environments.

ICEmicro is a ready-to-use container technology that natively secures data communications among any number of Docker containers. Docker containers have become increasingly popular among software developers who want their applications or platforms to run, without modification, in any Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Managed service providers (MSPs) can use the technology to fortify existing services or as the basis for new services.

About Layer 3 Communications:

Layer 3 Communications is an engineering firm providing complex network services and products. With offices across the Southeast and Texas, Layer 3 Communications provides its customers design, implementation, optimization and ongoing support of network infrastructures and security including real time monitoring and zero-day threat mitigation. Layer 3 Communications provides services in diverse verticals including education, fortune 500, healthcare and government entities.

For more information visit Layer 3 at www.layer3com.com.

About IronClad Encryption Corporation:

Ironclad Encryption Corporation (IRNC) is an X-Generation cyber defense company that secures digital assets and communications across a wide range of industries and technologies. IronClad Encryption-powered solutions utilize our patented Dynamic Encryption and Perpetual Authentication technologies to make all known key-based encryption technologies virtually impossible to compromise. Dynamic Encryption Technology eliminates vulnerabilities caused by exposure of any single encryption key by continuously changing encryption keys and keeping the keys synchronized in a fault-tolerant manner. Perpetual Authentication Technology uses multiple virtual channels for encryption so that in the event one channel is compromised, the other channels maintain encryption integrity. Together, these technologies not only eliminate the single point of failure problem created by having keys exposed through brute force, side channel, or other types of attack, but do so with very low latency and system performance overhead. Developers, MSPs, MSSPs and IT organizations can now easily and effectively integrate ultra-secure authentication and encryption measures across essentially all mediums. This includes the latest processors and operating systems, legacy hardware and software, within or between networks and on compartmentalized data or entire databases. At rest or in-motion, IronClad Encryption ensures data remains safe, secure and uncompromised.

Visit IronClad Encryption at www.IronCladencryption.com


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