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Leading Environmental Artist, Anne De Carbuccia, Will Be Speaker at the 2019 United Nations World Oceans Day Celebration on June 7, 2019

Anne de Carbuccia - World Oceans Day 2019 (Photo: Business Wire) Multimedia Gallery URL


New Exhibition, Water at Dusk, opens at One Planet One Future on June 5 through June 29, 2019 celebrating the Oceans

The United Nations has invited leading environmental artist, Anne de Carbuccia, to be a speaker at the UN’s New York headquarters on June 7th for this year’s World Oceans Day 2019 celebration. The theme designated by the UN this year is Gender and The Ocean. Anne will be speaking about her recent expedition to Xcalak, Mexico and her collaboration with two young women who are ocean protectors in their local community. These women are an example for the world on community-driven stewardship at a local level, as well as how individuals can be a powerful catalyst for change in ensuring our oceans are healthy for future generations. They have overcome gender specific difficulties in conservation, and they are transmitting inclusive environmental leadership values for the next generation. Anne will also be showing video footage that she shot in Xcalak highlighting these two women and their community. The world’s second largest barrier reef passes just off-shore this fishing village.

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Anne de Carbuccia’s gallery in New York City, One Planet One Future, will also open a new exhibition, Water at Dusk, in celebration of World Oceans Day that is free and open to the public from June 5th through June 29th. Visitors will have a chance to see new works of art themed around the ocean as well as view Anne’s debut short film, One Ocean, that takes viewers to over 20 locations around the world to convey the message that during this period of significant human impact to the planet, everything is connected. From the warming of the planet to the burning forests in Siberia and the massive consumption of single-use plastics, all have direct and dire consequences for the Ocean. Anne’s tone is optimistic and hopeful that together we can become a positive geological force if we act now and change our daily habits and behaviors.

Countries around the world have celebrated World Oceans Day since 1992, following the UN Conference on Environment and Development, held in Rio de Janeiro. In 2008, the UN General Assembly decided that June 8th would be officially designated by the UN as “World Oceans Day”. This day gives communities around the world the opportunity to raise global awareness on how critical it is to keep our oceans healthy and use its resources sustainably. For more information on all the activities and events celebrating World Oceans Day 2019, go to www.unworldoceansday.org


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