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Leading the Future of Marketing Automation, Insightera Unveils New Auto-Tune Feature

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Mar 11, 2013) -

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Insightera, the first learning B2B personalization platform, now offers advanced learning proficiencies for personalization campaigns. Auto-Tune removes the guesswork for campaign optimization by automatically running those delivering the best results without any manual adjustment necessary. Auto-Tune lets Insightera learn which campaigns outperform per segment, and automatically optimizes by running the highest converting ones. This intuitive feature is the next step for Insightera, which allows B2B marketers to segment and target top-funnel prospects based on their industry, location and digital behavior while they are onsite and attentive.

Insightera prides itself in the simplicity and usability of their platform. Marketers need not create a whole new strategy, but can implement the personalization platform with any existing marketing automation software (such as Marketo or Eloqua). By working with any Content Management System (CMS), Insightera capitalizes on existing content, raising the ROI of assets already created.

The real-time aspect of Insightera identifies and connects anonymous top-funnel prospects otherwise unaddressable with relevant content, for an onsite call to action generating more qualified leads. Auto-Tune follows this same vein of low-maintenance, high performing marketing strategies by taking the guesswork away from the marketer and basing decisioning on hard numbers, selecting campaigns automatically to increase conversions.

"The Auto-Tune feature and the future of this learning platform are what drew us to add Insightera to our existing marketing framework," shared Dror Haliva, Marketing Director of Cellebrite. "The personalization innovation appealed heavily to my organization as it not only improves conversions, but gives us an inside look into what truly interests our customers. Auto-Tune discovers which campaigns are best performing, and we utilize this component of Insightera''s platform regularly."

"The learning faculties of Insightera are where we are putting all of our focus," said Mike Telem, Co-founder and Senior VP of Business Development for Insightera. "Our vision for 2013, which will soon be a reality, is of a fully-automated, self-learning, top of the funnel platform that discovers content consumption tendencies, launches campaigns and uplifts conversions. Over the next few weeks, expect some even bigger announcements about our Recommendation Engine."

About Insightera

Insightera is the first learning B2B personalization platform. Insightera helps marketers capitalize on their existing assets by personalizing onsite experience based on real-time discovery of prospects'' industry, location and digital journey. By using machine-learning algorithms, Insightera continuously improves ROI, auto-tuning campaigns and adjusting content accordingly to both known and anonymous prospects. Insightera''s software works with any CMS, using any content, requiring zero IT. Insightera was founded in 2009 and is headquartered out of Palo Alto, CA with an R&D Center in Tel Aviv, Israel. Visit Insightera at www.insightera.com and join the conversation on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/insightera.

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