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Leading Last-Mile Transportation in Style: Segway's KickScooter MAX is now in Market

Segway Debut Moulin-Rouge Inspired Collection at The Blond's NYFW fashion show featuring Ninebot KickScooter MAX

Los Angeles, Oct. 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LOS ANGELES, Sep. 30, 2019 /Meltwater/ -- The Ninebot KickScooter MAX powered by Segway made a grand appearance at the Blonds’ latest collection reveal at New York Fashion Week. Inspired by Moulin Rouge, the show attracted many notable Hollywood names including Martha Stewart, Paris Hilton, Billy Porter, Jordan Roth, and many others. 


The Ninebot KickScooter MAX powered by Segway was shining with dazzling custom jewels spotlighted on stage. Now, the game-changing personal transportation, Ninebot KickScooter MAX is finally in its last pre-order week on its official online consumer products store.


Ride 40 Miles in One Charge

Max is Segway’s newest and strongest KickScooter, coming with the longest range powered by Segway. With a range of up to 40 miles, the longest range on the market, and the ability to climb a 15* uphill slope, the KickScooter MAX allows you to ride from San Francisco Bay Area to Palo Alto on a single charge.


Charge Two Times Faster

Max replaces the battery pack field (ES series) with a built-in charger. “Bulky” is no longer an option -- a charging cord sized that of an iPhone is all you need to take in your pocket and recharge. Smaller yet more efficient, the upgraded built-in charger fully fuels MAX scooter in 6 hours, that is two times faster than any previous electric scooters.


Replace No More Tires

Another underrated feature that has been long overlooked is the self-healing ability of MAX tires. If the tires’ outer layers are punctured, the sealant within the tires will fill the holes automatically. The scooter’s tires can withstand multiple punctures (less than 6mm in diameter) without leaks, so riders will no longer experience the nightmare of replacing tires.


With all the MAX features, the Ninebot KickScooter MAX will be in the market around October 2019 with a price set at $799. Pre-order opened at store.segway.com starts on September 16th, 2019 with a special early bird price of $699.99. 


Additional technical highlights:


  • Longest-range on market up to 40 miles (65 km) in one charge
  • 15% maximum climbing slope
  • 10-inch front and rear shock-absorbing tubeless pneumatic tires
  • Extraordinary 350W rear-drive
  • Portable built-in charger
  • Smooth ride in various terrains
  • Waterproof rating of IPX5 for whole scooter and IPX7 on core parts
  • Safer with better control
  • Dual braking system
  • Greater operating efficiency
  • One-step folding
  • Integrated mobile app  


About Segway-Ninebot


Segway-Ninebot is a global enterprise in the fields of intelligent short-distance transportation and service robots. In 1999, Segway was established in Bedford, NH, the US, which is the world leader in commercial-grade, electric, self-balancing personal transportation. Ninebot is an intelligent short-distance transportation equipment operator integrating R&D, production, sales, and service, established in Beijing, 2012.


As Segway and Ninebot completed their strategic combination in 2015, Segway-Ninebot came into being. Today, the company's businesses are all around the world and have subsidiaries in Beijing, Seattle, Bedford, Amsterdam, Seoul, Singapore, Munich, Changzhou, and Tianjin, selling products in more than 80 countries and regions. With world-renowned intellectual property, Segway-Ninebot will create more products that will lead the users and the entire industry into the future.


For more information, please visit https://store.segway.com/

SOURCE Segway-Ninebot

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