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LeadJolt - The Real Estate Lead Generation Company Taking the Industry by Storm

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 10, 2020 / Past failures almost always generate future successes. John Danes and Adam Artemis used their own struggles in the real estate game to build a company that generates incredible results for real estate agents. LeadJolt is using revolutionary new technology and personally developed strategies to get incredible results for their clients.

Entrepreneurs Danes and Artemis started in the health and wellness space but eventually realized that they wanted to be in real estate. They got jobs at an agency and started doing all the busy work that was available while they studied to get their licenses.

They spent all their time cold calling and attending networking events, but none of this produced any results. They eventually decided to turn to Facebook marketing.

They were the youngest and most tech-savvy guys in their office so they figured Facebook was a niche they could take advantage of. After a short time of running Facebook ads, they were having incredible results. Their results were so good that they decided to start their own company.

They started running ads in the general space but quickly understood that their past real estate experience was helping them produce great results for the few agents they were working with. So, they decided to focus solely on the real estate space.

Danes and Artemis used their own failures as lessons and developed strategies to help realtors get quality leads so their clients didn't have to deal with the same problems they did. This is the reason LeadJolt has been so successful in such a short time. They know what real estate agents are going through and how to solve their problems.

They already have over 50 clients and have scaled to six figures in just a few short months. They are generating incredible results and are growing rapidly.

They owe their success to the strategies they've developed, but also to their large social media and online marketing presence. They even have several top 100 marketing podcasts and have been named an official "Agency Partner" by Facebook.

John and Adam have set their sights on having over 100 active clients by the end of the year, and want to continue to scale in every way. LeadJolt is producing previously unheard of results for their clients and it's all because the founders used their past failures to help them generate success.

If you want to learn more about LeadJolt or view client results for yourself, you can check out their website today, send them an email at sales@leadjolt.com or give them a direct call on 520-999-3905.

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