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LeafyWell, a NxGen Brands Subsidiary (NXGB), Announces Public Figure "JohnnyO" as a Brand Ambassador

DAVIE, Florida, Aug. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- LeafyWell (www.LeafyWell.com), a subsidiary of NxGen Brands, Inc  (NXGB), today announces having public figure, John Orlandini aka "JohnnyO" as a designated brand ambassador for LeafyWell and "NXGB".

JohnnyO is an animal welfare advocate and humanitarian who has appeared in the celebrity limelight by having been a multiple-occasion guest on most talk shows. JohnnyO is perhaps best known for his animal welfare advocacy work on Doc/Reality TV among other platforms. In addition, John supports causes such as the Wounded Warriors, Breast Cancer research and Colon Cancer awareness. He is currently represented by the Piper Mantis Literary agency and more information can be found at www.JohnOrlandini.com.

LeafyWell (www.LeafyWell.com), a subsidiary wholly-owned by NxGen Brands LLC, specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG) products and product lines including tinctures, creams, lotions, edible gummy candies, as well as a full line of pet products. Research investigating the effects of CBD have produced positive findings thereby supporting its use in the treatment of a variety of conditions and ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, post-traumatic stress disorder, epilepsy, antibiotic-resistant infections, neurological disorders, and muscular dystrophy in humans. LeafyWell (www.LeafyWell.com) offers products formulated and designed for human consumption as well as an entire product line for cats and dogs. LeafyWell's pet product line includes specific formulations designed for a variety of health concerns in animals with delivery methods intended to be suitable for domesticated pets including both oils, treats and sprays. Currently, cat and dog treats are offered in the following flavors: bacon, steak, jerky, pigs in a blanket, and bone. The current line of pet designed sprays have no added flavor and are designed to be added to either food or water or given orally directly to pets.

JohnnyO, in response to the question, "Why LeafyWell?", responded by saying, "Some of the characteristics of LeafyWell's product lines that intrigued me most are the company's dedication to producing an entire product line for domestic animals, horses, and their development of products for wildlife and farm animals as well as the fact that they produce Vegan friendly products. As a Vegan myself, this speaks to the business insight that drives LeafyWell. I am looking forward to continuing my animal welfare advocacy and being able to work on behalf of LeafyWell and their products that will help animals and humans."

Additionally, JohnnyO, in a recent interview released by Piper Mantis Literary agency stated, "Studies continue to build around the benefits of CBD in easing anxiety, stress, arthritis and digestive problems in animals. LeafyWell has done their homework in this area, producing a stellar line of products that will help animals of all breeds and ages. I look forward to developing additional products with LeafyWell."

CEO of NxGen Brands, Angel Burgos explains that the current vision and path that has been outlined for LeafyWell includes adding the fields of beauty and improving our pet product line to our CBD offering for this Fall season.  This in conjunction with the results being obtained in our laboratory by our incursion into condition specific solutions for medical wellness, this guarantees that LeafyWell will not only be relevant in this competitive industry but will ensure relevance and a market position now and for years to come for the benefit of our customers and stockholders.

Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development for LeafyWell, Jay Rich stated "We are excited to bring JohnnyO onboard with us as a brand ambassador given his active involvement in the animal welfare advocacy community because he works first hand with organizations related to animal rescue, animal rights, animal abuse, and animal welfare, among others. This is a unique opportunity for LeafyWell to have the input from someone who works directly with animals and top organizations worldwide. During our interactions with JohnnyO, his dedication to the animal community and his interest in top-quality support and care is clearly of the highest priority. We value the contributions that JohnnyO will make to LeafyWell, especially related to our entire pet product line up."

LeafyWell specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of full-spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol) and Cannabigerol (CBG) products and product lines including tinctures, creams, lotions, edibles as well as a full line of pet products available online and at select retailers nationwide. To see the LeafyWell brand products, visit www.LeafyWell.com, call (888) 315-6339, or email support@LeafyWell.com.

About NxGen Brands, Inc.

NxGen Brands, Inc owns and operates two (2) subsidiaries 100%. Our pursuit is to leverage equity, acquire, merge and or joint venture with early-stage companies in emerging industries, to stimulate growth, cash flow and increase broader distribution channels.

Currently, one of our principal companies is NxGen Brands, LLC d/b/a: LeafyWell or (http://www.LeafyWell.com ), formulating, manufacturing, distributing, marketing and white labeling a wide variety of non-THC Broad Spectrum CBD supplements.

MyIAD (http://www.MyIAD.com ) is our technology developer exploiting state-of-the-art wearable Global Positioning System "GPS" and Global Mobile Communications "GSM" for tracking and monitoring assets specifically in healthcare. As well as innovating a seed-to-sale real-time software utility platform for the hemp and cannabis industry validating origin and authenticity. In summary, our overall business goals could effectively create unlimited opportunities for our growing shareholder base.

For more information on "NXGB", please visit the Company's website at https://www.LeafyWell.com.

To be added to the Company investor email list, please email info@LeafyWell.com  with "NXGB" in the subject line.


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