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League of Legends Patch 7.10 raises your Heimerdingers, Rammus, others

Will Heimerdinger finally have his place in the sun? (Riot Games)

Two of League of Legends’ oldest champions are getting updates in Patch 7.10. Both Heimerdinger and Rammus are getting changes in the upcoming balance tweaks.

As for Heimerdinger, Riot is reworking him to make him a more active champion to both play as and play against. He gets more placeable turrets now, but they do less base damage and charge up their beam attacks at a slower pace. To make up for this, the beams charge up quickly for each other ability he hits. Plus, his W has lower cooldowns at higher ranks, while his E has a larger radius. His UPGRADE!!! also makes his E do a lot more damage.

Meanwhile, Rammus is going full speed demon with changes to all of his abilities. He has a new passive that grants him bonus magic damage on his autoattacks based on his armor. His Q is up more often, gives him more speed at higher ranks, and hits with a harder slow (for less time), but doesn’t last quite as long as before. His W scales based on his total resistances instead of flat numbers, amplifies his passive by 50 percent, and deals damage to anyone who autos him by his passive’s bonus damage. His E no longer reduces his target’s armor when taunting, but gives him bonus attack speed for its duration. Finally, his ult doesn’t deal as much damage to champions, but slows enemies and does double damage to structures.

With the reworks out of the way, let’s check out some of the champions that are getting nerfs. Fizz’s W doesn’t deal as much base damage, but scales harder with AP. Graves’ Q deals less damage and his ult is on a longer cooldown at low ranks. Ivern moves more slowly at all times and has to spend more of his health to mark camps. Lee Sin is also getting hit with movement speed nerfs, as well as ultimate cooldown increases. Lulu has less base health and smaller shields. Maokai’s Saplings don’t deal as much damage (though his Q costs less mana and knocks back further). Finally, the recently reworked Sejuani is getting fewer resistances on her passive, but remaining the same from level 14 on.

Overall, there’s quite a few nerfs in Patch 7.10, but a few champions will be getting stronger once it hits. All of Udyr’s abilities will cost less mana, allowing him to spring around more effectively. Rakan’s Q is getting a longer range, his W deals more damage at later ranks, but his E shield isn’t as strong. Zac’s Q damage scales off his max health and has a wider radius and his E knocks up for longer depending on how long he charges it.

Support items, some tank items, and Rift Herald are all getting slight tweaks as well, so head over to the Patch 7.10 notes to get the full information there. For everything else, head over to the Yahoo Esports League of Legends hub.

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