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League of Legends Patch 7.11 reworks Rek’Sai, Kindred, Malazhar

Say goodbye to Rek’Sai’s current ultimate (Riot Games)

Riot Games has been rolling out the reworks for outdated and out-of-meta League of Legends champions at a rapid clip as of late. In Patch 7.10, it was Rammus and Heimerdinger. This time around, Patch 7.11 is taking aim at three problematic characters: Rek’Sai, Kindred, and Malzahar.

But before we get to that, yes, this is the patch with the 10 ban system. Finally, you’ll be able to permaban Yasuo even when the rest of your team doesn’t want to.

Rek’Sai is getting the biggest tweaks of the trio. Gone is her map-traversing ultimate, replaced by a high-damage leap that can only target recently damaged targets. She’s also getting lower base damages on her Q and E, but higher scaling. She can also enter tunnels more often while burrowed and her Un-Burrow knocks everyone but her primary target back, rather than knocking up everyone in an AOE.

Kindreds’ passive is getting the biggest change in her kit, the champion now gaining range and amplifying her abilities based on her Mark of the Kindred stacks. With more stacks, her Q grants more attack speed, her W deals more current health damage, and her E does more damage based on missing health.

If Patch 7.11 is to be believed, Malzahar won’t be quite the terror in the support role that he used to be. His Voidlings are significantly less powerful at early ranks, with most of the damage from them being shifted over to his other abilities. His Q, E, and ult all do significantly more damage, making him a better choice to be brought into the mid lane.

As for the other champions in the notes, let’s talk about buffs first. Dr. Mundo is getting more base AD and DPS on his W. Lee Sin’s ward hopping is easier now on high latency. Malphite’s E scales more with his armor. Sion’s W has a shorter cooldown and gives more of a shield.

There are more nerfs than buffs in Patch 7.11. Ahri’s W and ultimate do less damage (though her E does more). Lucian’s Q costs more mana at higher ranks. Maokai doesn’t heal for as much on his passive and deals less damage with his Saplings. Syndra’s W has a smaller area of effect. Yasuo’s Q stacks fall off more quickly. Finally, Zac’s E indicator shows up sooner than it used to. 

Items are getting tweaks, as well. Banshee’s Veil grants more magic resist, but costs more to combine. Blade of the Ruined King gives less lifesteal. Ninja Tabi are finally getting the nerfs they deserve, with its basic attack damage reduction dropping two percent. The Nomad’s Medallion line now costs 25 less gold throughout.

There is one big nerf that I want to call out, and it’s to Caitlyn. She’s getting a buff to her base bonus attack speed, which is nice. But her Headshot passive no longer stacks with Runaan’s Hurricane, removing a massive amount of teamfight damage thanks to the fact that every other shot won’t be a Headshot from now on. Either Caitlyn’s build path will have to be altered dramatically, or she’ll be pushed far out of the meta.

That’s it for this week! If you want to check out all the math, head over to the Patch 7.11 notes page, and for more on everything else, stick right here on the Yahoo Esports League of Legends hub.

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