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League of Legends Patch 7.12 issues sweeping support item changes and Doran’s Shield nerfs

Blitzcrank’s pick priority might be going up even higher thanks to Patch 7.12 (Riot Games)

It’s a good time to be a support main.

With League of Legends Patch 7.12 out Wednesday, a slew of support items are seeing changes to make them more powerful in specific champions’ inventories. Gone are the days of buying Redemption into Locket every single game – or at least Riot hopes.

Locket of the Iron Solari’s active shield now prevents less base damage but scales more with the caster’s bonus health, making it more powerful on tanks. Redemption has fewer tank stats, but its heals are affected three times as much by heal and shield power amplifiers. Zeke’s Harbinger is now Zeke’s Convergence, and has gained a new passive that gives allies bonus damage and slows auto attacks when the wearer casts their ultimate. Athene’s Holy Grail now converts mana regen to AP. Banner of Command now grants more tank stats and give bonus movement speed when near turrets and Void Gates. Knight’s Vow now grants CDR. Finally, Righteous Glory grants CDR, armor, and a slow that automatically triggers when near an enemy.

One item change deserves a special callout: Doran’s Shield. In recent weeks, the starting item has been the topic of a lot of conversation about whether it’s healthy for the meta in both 1v1 matchups and bottom lane. Riot’s response? To up its cost from 400 gold to 450. Only one health potion for you!

Don’t think champions aren’t getting changed, though.

For buffs, Camille’s passive has a shorter cooldown and the second hit on her Q deals more damage. Corki’s basic attacks now deal 80 percent of their damage as magic damage, plus has more attack speed and base AD. The empowered basic attacks on Jax’s W have 50 more range. Jhin’s Q scales more with his AD and his ultimate deals more base damage. Kindred deals more base damage to help their first clear out and has to spend less mana on their E. The newly reworked Rek’Sai has more base damage, armor per level, damage on her W, and increased accuracy on her R.

For nerfs, some big meta names are getting hit. Ivern’s E deals less damage on explosion. Karma’s E shield now protects less on both her primary target and her secondary Mantra’d allies. Malzahar’s Q and ult deal less damage both base and scaling. Rumble’s passive Heat decays less rapidly, his Q has a higher cooldown, does less damage, and clears minions less effectively, W has a shorter duration, and E deals more damage and slows more effectively. Xayah can no longer auto attack while casting Q and has a higher cooldown on her W. Lastly, Zac deals less damage with both his W and his E.

That’s it for this week! As always, you can take a look at the full changes over at the League of Legends Patch 7.12 page, and just stay right here on the Yahoo Esports League of Legends hub for more news and analysis.

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