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League of Legends regular play to get 10 bans in Patch 7.11

10 bans are coming soon to a League of Legends solo queue game near you (Riot Games)

While the 10-ban system has been a feature of competitive League of Legends since the beginning of the 2017 season, amateur players have been using the same old 6-ban in their games. Soon, however, that discrepancy will disappear.

In the next patch (7.11, for those counting) to Riot Games’ MOBA, players will be able to knock out 10 champions from the available pool.

It won’t work exactly like it does in competitive play, however. In pro matches, champions are banned in a two-phase system, with three bans coming before any champions are picked and two more coming each team’s the first three picks.

Solo queue games will have a simultaneous ban system. Players on both sides of the Rift will hover which champions they want to ban, a selection that’s invisible to the opposing side. Once the timer runs out, all the bans are revealed and all ten champions are removed.

Yes, that means both teams can ban the same champion because they don’t know what the other side is banning. It also means that some OPs may get through the ban phase because both teams assume the other side will be banning it.

This isn’t the only change coming to the casual LoL players’ experience in the near future. Earlier this week, Riot Games announced daily quests that can be completed for cosmetic rewards. For more news, head over to the Yahoo Esports League of Legends hub.

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