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League of Legends Rek’Sai rework detailed by Riot Games

Rek’Sai will be an assassin after her rework (Riot Games)

Rek’Sai is already a rather frightening champion in League of Legends. She’s always lurking in the shadows, waiting for her prey to step too close so she can hunt them down and cut them down to size. Since her release back in 2014, she’s been almost exclusively a bruiser in the jungle, with superior vision and mobility to create skirmishes and force brawls.

Riot Games isn’t happy with her current state (particularly with her complete lack of play in competitive), however, and has hinted at a rework for the Void Burrower for months. On Friday, core gameplay lead at Riot Andrei “Meddler” van Roon revealed details for what she’ll look like after her changes come through.

As it turns out, Riot wants her to be an assassin. Here are the changes that are coming, according to Meddler’s post:

  • Higher bonus AD ratios and lower bases (Q at 15-35 + 0.4 bonus AD from 15-55 + 0.2, E damage at 50-90 + 0.7 bonus AD from 80-120% AD)
  • W now knocks up a single target for 1s, and slightly knocks other units back from Rek’Sai, rather than being a 0.5-1.0s knockup based off distance from Rek’Sai
  • Tunnel CD after use drops much more with rank (10-2s, from 10-6s)
  • Fury generates much faster (25 per attack/ability), converts to health faster (3s instead of 5), restores less health (20-190, rather than 25-450). More in/out pattern as a fighter, using lower tunnel CDs in part.
  • A new ult. Short version is Rek’Sai marks targets as Prey when she damages them by any means. She can dash to marked Prey up to 1,500 units away, dealing 100-400 (+1.4 Bonus AD) + 20-30% missing health. Short channel (1.1s).

Rather than acting as a front line initiator for her team, Rek’Sai will be looking to act as an assassin, diving in and out of fights in rapid succession. She’ll be able to tunnel far more often than previously, trading some tankiness for higher damage and increased mobility.

For any champion that was a meta standard as long as Rek’Sai, reworks like this will have a huge impact on the state of the game going forward. And you can bet we’ll be covering it over at the Yahoo Esports League of Legends hub.

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