Leaked Apple trademarks reveal iPhone 7’s smart button, MacBook Pro’s touch bar and more

Apple on Wednesday will unveil the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, with the Apple Watch 2 also rumored to make an appearance during the show. The 2016 MacBook Pro refresh is probably not due for at least another month, though hopeful Apple enthusiasts would probably love to see it unveiled during the event. We’ve seen plenty of leaks describing some of the features of the upcoming iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro families, and now a brand new leak reveals a long list of products and features Apple might be cooking up.

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Trademark attorney Brian Conroy hunted down various Apple trademarks and shared them with Apple Insider. He’s the same guy who first published information on the Death Trooper that will appear in Rogue One, and he found the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child trademark.

Conroy discovered a bunch of trademarks that are related to existing Apple products, or products that will soon be unveiled. Among them, we have Apple Handoff, True Tone Display, Pencil, iPad, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iMessage, Siri, macOS and macOS Sierra – just check out the following image:


But there are plenty of trademarks for products or services that Apple is yet to unveil, and which the company tries to keep secret until the last minute. "Apple's process for keeping their upcoming stuff secret is to apply for trademarks in secret far-flung places," Conroy said. "About four days (usually) before the six months period runs out they apply globally." The six-month period he mentioned refers to the "six months seniority" period. If it expires and the company has not used it, the trademark is released.

Trademarks for Trade Up, Swift Lab, Progress Card, Insight Dashboard, Care Card and Remote Loop all expire in September. macOS Sierra applications expire in October as do Touch Bar and variants of Smart Button.

Other interesting trademark applications Apple has filed cover Iris Engine, Home Hub and AirPods.

The Smart Button could be the new home button on the iPhone 7, the first non-physical button that will ever be used on an iPhone. AirPods likely refer to the wireless headphones Apple is supposedly unveiling on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Touch Bar and Control Strip could be linked to the rumored OLED touchscreen that will equip 2016 MacBook Pro models.

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