Learn how to survive a plane crash with the ‘Prepare for Impact’ app

In a world where most flight passengers are desensitized to the pre-takeoff safety lectures, a free iPhone and Android game is designed to fill that gap and more effectively teach people aviation safety, aka how to survive a plane crash.

The app is called Prepare for Impact, and it simulates the in-flight scenarios of your nightmares, ranging from crashing into water to in-flight decompression (when those oxygen masks drop from the ceiling) and runway overrun — all decorated with additional threats like fire, unusable exits and water. Users make first-person decisions and see the consequences their actions have, hopefully making it to safety.

The app was created by the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Udine, Italy, according to a press release for the game. Game developers and researchers are continuing to look into how humor and interactive cartoons will help further people’s comprehension of flight safety.

Although accidents do occur, airplanes remain one of the safest ways to travel and there is no pattern to recent flight incidents such as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, according to CNBC.

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