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A Learning Lifeline: Gemiini Systems, a Complete Telehealth/Distance Learning Program for Special Education, Is Offering Its Program at No Cost to Schools During the COVID-19 Crisis

Developed by a team of professionals and parents of children with special needs, the company offers a unique learning program, including fully customized video modeling sessions and tools that are evidence-based and clinically proven to effectively teach crucial speech, language, reading, social, and life skills

SPOKANE, Wash., April 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, children, parents, educational therapists, and schools are experiencing an unprecedented disruption to their schedules. This has particularly impacted children with special needs and their families.

Enter Gemiini Systems.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Gemiini Systems, a leader in online telehealth distance learning solutions, is reaching out to teachers, therapists, and school districts to make its web-based service available with no upfront costs for three months, or longer if the crisis continues.

The company, which is based in Spokane, Washington, offers a unique learning program specifically designed for people with autism, Down syndrome, dyslexia, speech delay, stroke, and others, that is effective, affordable, and provides unlimited therapy and learning anytime and anywhere. Gemiini System's fully customized Discrete Video Modeling sessions and tools are evidence-based and clinically proven to effectively teach crucial speech, language, reading, social, and life skills.

"Gemiini Systems is the only complete distance learning program specifically created to serve those with special needs," said Laura Kasbar, founder and CEO of Gemiini Systems. "The COVID-19 crisis has put a spotlight on the fragile state of therapy. It is now more important than ever, for every therapist and special education teacher to be trained in Gemiini, simply as a backup in case of an emergency like this. Gemiini is a lifeline to vital speech, language, and life skills that keeps our children from regressing during the isolation of quarantine and social distancing. This regression could ruin years of gains, and be extremely costly to overcome once therapy is available again."

Kasbar added that Gemiini Systems has opened its certification program to professionals and has waived the $490 fee for certification. Gemiini is also offering schools and clinics use of Gemiini at no cost as long as they agree to submit the cost of the program to Medicaid.

Key benefits of the Gemiini Systems program include:

  • Effective: Gemiini increases the skill acquisition rate in people with exceptional learning styles such as autism, Down syndrome, dyslexia, and speech delay. This ranges from articulation to language, social skills, life skills, basic academics, and Gemiini members and professionals have even reported significant gains in gross and fine motor skills.
  • Enables Parental Involvement and Control: Gemiini also brings a level of control to parents as they can participate in the therapy of their child in a much more meaningful way.
  • Affordable: Gemiini can drastically reduce costs and the number of manhours required to effectively teach students with special needs. With the cost for autism therapy approaching $120,000 per year, Gemiini can reduce therapy to a third of the cost, with greater efficacy than more costly programs, starting at $98 per month for each child or participant.

Below are helpful links to get you started with Gemiini:

  • The Gemiini certification course for professionals:


  • A free Parent Academy that trains parents on using Gemiini in the home:


  • Gemiini Distance Learning webpage:


  • Gemiini Telehealth:



Gemiini Systems is a leading evidence-based and clinically proven online telehealth distance learning program to increase speech, language, reading, life skills, and social skills for people with autism, Down syndrome, speech delay, stroke, and others.

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