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New Lease of Life: Wynyard Prepares for Second Innings


Luxembourg-based investment company, Boundary Holding SARL SPF, has completed the acquisition of Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics software from the New Zealand-based software firm, Wynyard (NZ) Limited. Boundary Holding has also purchased the Trademark “Wynyard” and Logo and certain credentials of the New Zealand based software firm Wynyard group. The new owners have assumed the responsibility of Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics operations and are already in the process of reviving its fortunes. Boundary Holding is run by computer scientists- turned-entrepreneurs, who possess masters from the University of Texas at Austin, and have multiple businesses in data security, analytics and homeland security.

To maintain continuity, all existing customers using the Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics products will be provided continual support and long-term product roadmap. The new management has promised to uphold the cultural identity of the company. Boundary Holding has operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. The new headquarters for Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics will be based in Switzerland with R&D centers in Switzerland, India and New Zealand. The System integration and support center will be based out of India with local support in relevant markets. In six months, a development team of 100 engineers will ensure upgrade of existing products, as well as develop new ones. Since Boundary Holding had already owned companies in big data analytics space, there will be integration of those capabilities into Wynyard. New and existing software engineers at the company are already shaping new applications. ‘Cyber Crime Investigation and Analytics’, ‘Case intelligence analytics’, ‘Sociosphere(Social media analytics)’, ‘Aurosphere (Facial and video analytics)’, and ‘Vocosphere (Voice pattern analytics)’ are some of the new products in the pipeline.

The Wynyard Group was placed into Voluntary Administration on 25 October 2016 and subsequently in Liquidation on 8 February 2017. It had been successfully providing risk, compliance, and audit and investigation software to clients, both in New Zealand and internationally.

In prime health, Wynyard Group maintained a strong workforce of staff members consisting largely of software engineers and technologists from across the board.

Rajat Khare, founder & CEO of Boundary Holding SARL SPF, said: “A lot of people ask me why we took the risk of investing in a company in loss. Well, it was a part of our larger strategy to integrate our various analytics businesses together under one umbrella and revolutionize the use of data analytics for public safety and smart cities. Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics is a solid product, and now with Boundary Holding has a new vibrant team and a world class advisory board. Its failure is not reflective of its potential and we recognize that. The company had a bold vision of building a global big data and crime analytics platform.”

He added: “We are committed to building industry leading applications with best-in-class capabilities for risk assessment, risk management, audit and compliance, and investigations.”

Rajat further said: “We will invest millions of dollars in making a modern data and crime science center of excellence, as well as focus on a strong ‘system integration’, where all the components and applications operate seamlessly. Diagnostic and trouble-shooting work will be a key area for us in the beginning and system integration engineers would play a major role.”

“Our focus will also be to revive all adopters of Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics, like the law enforcements and national security agencies, critical infrastructure operations, major corporations, among others.”

The technology sector, both software and hardware, is a place for constant innovation and that is the key. New applications and other products will regularly be introduced to keep ahead of the curve. With competition growing, we must encourage practices that foster the development of new ideas. We work in a business environment where our ability to compete will depend on our capacity to innovate.

About Boundary Holding

Boundary Holding is next generation technology fund based out of Luxembourg which invests in start-ups, distressed assets in spaces such as Homeland Security, Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics, Drones, Virtual Reality. Boundary Holding is a family investment fund with philosophy to promote entrepreneurship and use it as a tool to make world a better and safer place.

About Wynyard Group

The Wynyard Group is a market leader in innovating advanced crime analytics and investigations case management products. The company’s crime fighting software is used by Governments, financial services and infrastructure critical to a nation.

Wynyard solutions combine next generation big data capability with specialist investigations and intelligence tradecraft in a powerful and secure software platform.

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