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Legal Justice Advocates Announces New Attorney

Legal Justice Advocates Announces New Addition

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Legal Justice Advocates, a Washington DC-based law firm, recently announced the newest attorney to join their team. Jerome Ramsaran is the newest attorney added to help meet client needs during the continued expansion in fighting discrimination for clients throughout the country.

Ramsaran comes to Legal Justice Advocates with a considerable amount of experience as a litigator and plaintiffs attorney. A 2013 graduate of the University of Miami School of Law, his focus throughout his young career has mostly been on personal injury litigation, claims of property damage, premises liability cases and more.

Based out of South Florida, Ramsaran will focus on clients and cases mostly based in the Sunshine State. Legal Justice Advocates can serve and help clients with claims throughout the country. The firm is rapidly expanding its coverage helping distressed clients in need.

His experience fits in nicely with the focus and goals of Legal Justice Advocates. The firm has always aimed towards keeping a select few attorneys on at any given time. The team of lawyers focuses on aiding disabled and debt-distressed clients who, in many cases, have no place else to turn. If there are any signs of unequal treatment in the workplace, the firm believes it can assist any client in receiving what they are legally entitled to.

Legal Justice Advocates handles claims related to the Americans with Disabilities Act, labor and employment laws, collections, bankruptcy, and more. The firm takes an aggressive approach to speed up the results process. They understand that many clients are struggling without a settlement, so swift action can help turn around a challenging situation.

Ramsaran joins Halina Cegielski, Emerson E. Pimentel, Jean C. Polo Jr., and Yvette J. Harrell to form a tight-knit team. Each individual attorney has their own set of specialties, which helps bring extensive knowledge to the table for clients. Instead of having to rely on attorneys with generic experience, each potential client can link up with someone who specializes in specific areas of the law.

To learn more about Legal Justice Advocates, visit legaljusticeadvocates.com. Clients who would like to set up a free consultation can call the firm at 202-803-4708 during regular business hours, Monday-Friday. Those looking to reach out to Jerome Ramsaran directly can request over the phone to talk to him specifically or use his direct phone number/email on the website https://www.legaljusticeadvocates.com/.



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