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SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - Mar 2, 2015) - Attending guests at the 2015 District of Columbia Podiatric Medical Association Winter Conference, which was held last month at the Carmine's in Washington, DC, listened keenly to Dan McNeff's presentation on the importance of asset protection for all professionals. The seminar was well attended and included leaders from the podiatric community. DCPMA Executive Director Ken Silverstein hosted and conducted the conference, granting guests' insights into upcoming events for the year. Dan McNeff, owner of Legally Mine, LLC, a founding member of the MediSource Marketing and sponsor of the DCPMA Conference, shared his extensive knowledge about legal issues in their industry in an inspirational presentation.

Dan McNeff has shared his experiences in the financial and business world for over the past 25 years, which has included being a securities broker, business owner, certified financial planner, as well as a primary broker for what is now Citi group. After beginning to work with Net Marketing Alliance's Medical Legal Department, Dan became president of the division, and when offered, chose to purchase the division. After learning the ropes from the father of asset protection himself, and having developed a strong relationship with the country's most prestigious asset protection law firm, McNeff began offering asset protection services the medical, dental, and business owner communities. As the company began to grow Dan McNeff has been able to solidify relationships with some of the nation's top financial experts in providing tax saving strategies that are desperately needed for today's professionals. These relationships have continued to strengthen the core of what Legally Mine has to offer to professionals in the US.

As McNeff's background is in the financial world, his unique perspective has added to the value his legal team brings to every client of Legally Mine. This perspective has also shaped how this company functions within the legal as well as financial realms. For the first number of years McNeff was the primary educator for the hundreds and thousands of presentations throughout the country. In recent years McNeff has taken the role of mentoring upcoming educators and presenters (including physicians, financial brokers, and even veterans of the FBI) teaching them how to effectively provide a down to earth approach to asset protection and tax saving strategies. As Legally Mine continues to grow, Dan McNeff will continue to be an important factor in developing valuable relationships with industry leading providers, bringing the best options for financial success to the medical, dental, and business owner's worlds.

Dan McNeff who grew up in small mining towns in Colorado and Utah, has overcome losing his father at a young age, life threatening illnesses, and the great economic downturn -- and has emerged a stronger, wiser business owner who can look past loss and hardship, in order to relate to practitioners who feel they are left without options in today's legal and financial climates. As McNeff concluded his remarks to the DC Podiatric Medical Association he left each attendee with the ray of hope that they could implement the strategies discussed, leaving behind the worry that plagues them daily -- the worry that they might lose it all in a lawsuit. Dan is optimistic that efforts to bring this information more full to the masses such as attended this seminar, will help to bring about days of more level headed litigation that is fair to all parties involved.

Founded over 30 years ago by the father of asset protection, although he has retired Legally Mine continues the legacy of asset protection. Legally Mine has been the leading provider of asset protection education within the medical and dental worlds for over 20 years. On staff attorneys and financial experts help thousands of customer meet their asset protection and tax reduction needs. Their highly trained staff has helped educate hundreds of thousands of individuals from all walks of life on asset protection. Legally Mine prides themselves on being able to help professionals know how to protect any property (personal or professional) from being taken in a lawsuit, and are typically able to implement tax-saving strategies that save people an average of $7,000 a year in taxes. Legally Mine can help customers in all 50 states, and continues to stay up to date on laws in all 50 states, providing free consultations to customer's accountants, CPAs, attorneys, and other financial advisors. They know that the more involved a client's advisors are in the asset protection and tax reduction process, the better they will be able to help each client once it is all in place. Legally Mine is based out of Orem Utah, and is invited to present at over 200 events per year. Legally Mine is the most cost effective asset protection company/firm in the US. While other firms may sell self help kits, or cost tens of thousands of dollars -- just to get started, Legally Mine keeps their options flexible and achievable on any budget. It is the mission and goal of Legally Mine to eliminate the fear of lawsuits, frivolous or otherwise, for every medical and dental practitioner in the US.

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