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Lehman Brothers is back ... as a whiskey

Now you can drown your troubles away in Lehman Brothers Whiskey. The new line of spirits bears the name and logo of the once mighty Wall Street firm whose collapse kicked off the financial crisis of 2008.

The new whiskey brand is the brainchild of London entrepreneur James Green. He worked with distillers in South Carolina and Scotland to create three different blends so that people can “taste” the story of the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history.

“Snapfire” is a young, spicy whiskey, meant to evoke the financial system's collapse. “Ashes of Disaster” is smokier, and in the words of Green, has “a contrite, bereft peatiness.” The third spirit, “Evergreen,” has “notes of optimism” and represents rebirth.

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Barclays PLC, which bought part of the doomed bank, fought hard to stop Lehman Brothers Whiskey from hitting the market but was unsuccessful.

Rob Garson, the attorney representing the whiskey brand, tells Yahoo Finance that Barclays made the mistake of letting the trademark on the Lehman Brothers name expire, allowing them to use the now notorious moniker.

The whiskey brand is available online and will pop up in bars and liquor stores in New York and London this spring. But just how many people will want to toast to the painful memories of Lehman Brothers? Garson says pre-orders are strong, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, especially from Wall Streeters, “Some of my friends who are ex-Lehman Brothers bankers have emailed me to ask, 'Where can I get some, please!'”

Who knows, if Lehman Brothers Whiskey takes off, you might soon be ordering Enron Vodka or Bear Stearns Beer at a watering hole near you.

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