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LEMON's New Arrival Mobile RPG 'GRAND CHASE ALLSTAR 3D' Is Revealing at G-STAR

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA--(Marketwired - Nov 7, 2013) - Korea Korea's one of the best smart phone MMORPG development company LEMON, the developer of Dungeon Fantasy Online, is going to reveal their second representative work < GRAND CHASE ALLSTAR 3D > to publishers from all over the countries on this 2013 November at B2B in G-STAR which holds at Bu-San, Korea.

Since < GRAND CHASE ALLSTAR 3D > opened to the public, Korea, United States, and other major oversea publishers are inquiring about the license.

Online version of < GRAND CHASE > is one of well-known and popular MMORPGs in the world.

Mobile version of < GRAND CHASE ALLSTAR 3D > is a full 3D RPG which developed with UNITY Engine. It got reviewed as a 'strategic dungeon battle RPG that materialized original game in smart phone.' This is what well-experienced mobile MMORPG service company LEMON had developed.

A big different feature of < GRAND CHASE ALLSTAR 3D > from other smart phone RPGs is the massive scale of dungeon battle system. It contains 6 continents and 50 dungeons that require strategic party collaboration, and also a player can participate the combat with up to 40 friends at the same time. And it also supports auto-combat mode so the player can play the game much easier.

Also < GRAND CHASE ALLSTAR 3D > prepared the Power Relation Battle system. Players select a power side and start the massive scale of battle.

< GRAND CHASE ALLSTAR 3D > is planning to open the service on beginning of 2014 in local markets. Since it has developed for multi-platform service, it will be launched in both all Android and iOS stores (markets).

Hyo-Sung Yoon, CEO of LEMON, expressed his confidence about < GRAND CHASE ALLSTAR 3D > which will bring the new trend of smart phone RPG in 2014. He said this project was not open to the public so far, but he is opening it at G-STAR 2013.


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