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New Lenovo Yoga and Flex laptops adapt to your needs

Lenovo is standing by its convertible Yoga model, which folds into various positions, and is bringing that kind of flexible design to a new line of laptops. The company is adding to the Yoga lineup, with the Yoga 2 Pro. And Lenovo's new Flex 14 and Flex 15 laptops can fold into both "laptop" and "stand" positions (the Yoga can fold into those but also "tent" and "tablet" positions).

Lenovo says the Flex models use a hinge similar to that on the Yoga, but it folds only 300 degrees compared to the 360-degree movement of the Yoga. The laptops come with up to a fourth-generation Core i7 processor. They have touch screens, weigh 4 pounds, and measure just under an inch. Starting price is $630.

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The 13-inch Yoga 2 Pro has a very high-resolution, 3200x1800 display. The Yoga 2 Pro folds into the same four positions as the previous Yoga, has a backlit keyboard when in laptop mode, and includes voice and motion control. A new feature called Yoga Picks lets you know which software works best when you enter a given mode, and Lenovo also developed new software specific to each mode.

The company says the Yoga 2 Pro is thinner than the original Yoga at 0.61 inch. It weighs just under 3.5 pounds and can be equipped with up to a fourth-generation Core i7 processor. It starts at $1,100.

Also expect a smaller version of the "tabletop" Lenovo Horizon desktop, launched earlier this year. The new Flex 20 has a 19.5-inch display that folds flat onto a table like its larger counterpart. It uses the same Aura interface when you lay it flat, and offers the same optional joystick, strikers, and dice. Prices start at $900.

The Flex products will be available late this month; the Yoga 2 Pro arrives in October.

—Donna Tapellini

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