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Leo daily horoscope

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Sunday 15, December

The Moon is in your very own bold, dramatic stars, which puts you in the cosmic driver's seat. Not only that, but anything-goes Uranus is working with lucky Jupiter to restore your hope. If life has felt at all bleak, use these stars to tune back into your own source of joy.

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Saturday 14, December

Today is a quiet, dreamy day, Leo. With the Moon in your house of psyche, it's best to turn inward and focus on your deepest thoughts and feelings. At least spend a bit of time in meditation or write in your journal if you can. Honor your soul.

Friday 13, December

Venus, the planet in charge of love and beauty, is again in the spotlight, for the second time this week. Two days ago she was conjunct Saturn, teaching you some powerful lessons about relationships. Today she cozies up to Pluto, taking this process even deeper, into the very cells of your body.

Thursday 12, December

Early this morning a Full Moon alights in your house of friends and collaborations, setting your social life ablaze. Something you've been thinking about for the last six months is coming to a dramatic crescendo now, and it can impact your long-term goals in a very positive way.

Wednesday 11, December

With Venus, planet of love, cuddling up to Saturn, planet of law, everything feels a bit stark and challenging. You may try to show affection and get rebuffed, or you might not want to be held closely at the moment. On the other hand, this can make you feel like putting your nose to the grindstone at work - you don't have time for all the frivolous stuff right now.

Tuesday 10, December

The Moon shifts into Gemini before Thursday morning's Full Moon, and this is very friendly to your own stars. During the next few days, lunar energy will stimulate your social zone, so you may want to spend lots of time with friends, both new and old. It's also excellent for creative collabs and working with colleagues.

Monday 09, December

Today Mercury jumps into Sagittarius, your sister fire sign, officially ending the shadow of last month's chaotic retrograde. If things have not yet come together for your love and creative life, this should do the trick, Leo. You're super smart

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