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Let's all marvel at perhaps the most ridiculous play of the MLB season

We’re not ashamed to say that we’re big fans of when base-running goes awry and baseball momentarily reaches the chaos level of Best Buy on Black Friday. Give us all the TOOTBLAN, please.

The Atlanta Braves on Tuesday night turned TOOTBLAN — that’s the fun baseball acronym for Thrown Out On The Basepaths Like A Nincompoop — into a run-scoring play, mostly thanks to the Seattle Mariners being equally nincompoopish.

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Just watch the highlight above and marvel at the ridiculousness of it. That’s Ender Inciarte at the plate for the Braves grounding to Jean Segura of the Mariners. Segura takes aim at Ozzie Albies after he started an ill-advised dash toward home plate. The M’s saved Albies by bobbling the ball once he was in a rundown.

Score one for the Braves there. To even out the madness, though, the Mariners were able to catch Lane Adams between second and third base for the third out of the inning. That’s a 6-5-2-5-6-3-2 with a run scored and an out at/near third base. (The Braves would eventually win the game 4-0).

Atlanta Braves’ Ozzie Albies, right, hits the brakes in a rundown as Seattle Mariners try to get him out. (AP)

Just watch it all again and take in all the weirdness. This might be the most ridiculous play of the entire season from a perspective of sheer chaos and baseball comedy. There are two (almost three!) pickles. Any play with multiple pickles deserves an award.

“Total chaos on the base paths,” the play-by-play announcer said.

Sure, but it was also great entertainment.

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