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Leverage the Opportunity of ICO Voting on CoinMarketPlus.com

CoinMarketPlus.com, a trusted and prestigious Initial Coin Offering platform, announces ICO voting.

NEW DELHI, Feb. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CoinMarketPlus has emerged as a trusted platform for ICO voting. In a short span of time, people from all over the globe are not only appreciating the voting campaign but also participating in voting. The concept of ICO voting is proving to be a masterstroke, and visitors are getting a better idea about which ICOs are worth investing in.

How to vote

The process of ICO voting is easy and transparent; visitors can choose a maximum of three ICOs to vote. To vote for their preferred ICOs, navigate to the ICO calendar page on CoinMarketPlus and vote via Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail account.

The significance of ICO voting

Like ICO ratings, ICO voting is proving a hit formula for choosing suitable ICOs to invest in. When users vote for their preferred ICOs, other visitors also get a better idea of whether a particular ICO is worth investing or not. Apart from that, it is also proving effective in making initial coin offerings transparent. On CoinMarketPlus, the top 10 ICOs by votes are  

  • Gimmer (GMR) - 398
  • TOKIA (TOK) - 236
  • ARTIS - 201
  • Ziggurat (ZIG) - 112
  • Bankera (BNK) - 106
  • Experty - 94
  • Transcodium - 91
  • DADI - 89
  • Cointed - 62
  • REPUX - 54

With the passage of time, as the initial coin offering gets bigger and more mature, new players are coming. It is not difficult to guess that the future ICO market will not only be competitive but also complicated. In this scenario, the concept of ICO voting will not only help investors to choose the best ICO but this will also help them get a competitive edge over their competitors.    

About CoinMarketPlus.com:

Since its inception in 2017, CoinMarketPlus.com has emerged as a popular and authentic place for ICO listing. In a short span of time, it has received overwhelming support, appreciation, and positive responses from all over the globe. With a dexterous team of professionals and significant experience in the ICO industry, CoinMarketPlus.com offers ICO ratings and ICO voting.



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