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LGL Group provides update on strategic review

The LGL Group announced an update as to the status of its strategic review process. "The strategic review process is underway, as we are exploring options to unlock the potential of LGL and our subsidiary, MtronPTI. In addition to review of the outside interest to acquire a portion of our operations, we are analyzing our options, which could include segmentation or discontinuation of certain elements of MtronPTI’s operations. Our ultimate goal remains to execute on the opportunities that create additional value for stockholders," the company said. In the context of the ongoing strategic review, the company also announced that it has postponed the record date of the warrant dividend, announced on June 13, to allow time for additional analysis of the terms and conditions of the warrants with the goal of providing enhanced value to stockholders through the warrant dividend. It is expected that a new record date and a further update regarding the warrant dividend will be announced in the coming weeks.