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Liam Gallagher blames London mayor Sadiq Khan for rise in knife crime

Adam White

Liam Gallagher has criticised London mayor Sadiq Khan for his response to London’s knife crime epidemic, claiming that he is fearful for the safety of his children.

“Every morning you wake up there’s some 16-year-old being knifed to death and that,” the former Oasis frontman told BBC Breakfast. “I’ve got kids that age, out and about and that, doing their thing, living, being young. That freaks me right out – it does worry me. I’ve got teenagers. I’d have a word with that mayor – he seems to not be doing a good job, all them kids getting knifed and all that.”

Referencing Khan’s official campaign to celebrate the capital’s diversity, Gallagher continued: “The only thing that ever comes out of his mouth is, ‘London is open’. What, open for knife crime and dying and stuff?”

The same interview also saw Gallagher attack individuals in the Conservative Party leadership race who revealed that they had taken drugs.

“Shame on them,” Gallagher said. “If I did see a politician taking drugs he’d get a crack round the head. [I’d say] ‘What are you doing, you doughnut?’ They’re meant to be running the country, aren’t they?”

He also expressed support for a “three strikes and you’re out” system in regards to UK governance, arguing that the general public no longer has a proper say in who leads us. “Get the other party in or whoever’s next, not just Labour – the Green Party or whoever else it is.”

Gallagher is due to perform at this weekend’s Glastonbury Festival, where he will debut tracks from his forthcoming album Why Me? Why Not. It is Gallagher’s second solo record, with the long-running feud between Gallagher and brother Noel having lead to the potentially permanent dissolving of Oasis.