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Liberdy Announces New GDPR Consent Widget for Publishers

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Liberdy, the leading advertising data management platform provider is proud to announce the release of our innovative, new GDPR consent widget for publishers. Liberdy acts in full compliance with the GDPR, the EU's new privacy bill taking effect in May 2018, which states that the user is the rightful owner of his or her personal information, and online companies collecting the data must gain the owner's consent to use it, and make an electronic copy available, free of charge.

Publishers now requiring consent to utilize user data must contend with the fact that many users are unwilling to provide permission. However, Liberdy has developed the perfect widget to help publishers comply with the GDPR regulation and gain the users' consent for sharing their data.

Liberdy leverages the advantages of blockchain technology and GDPR regulation to empower users to manage their data rights. The Liberdy platform, a growing hub for GDPR data, enables the user to reclaim their data and profit from the use advertisers make of it, becoming equal partners in the advertising ecosystem for the first time. Meanwhile advertisers gain access to accurate reliable first-hand data which wasn't previously available outside the walled gardens of Google and facebook. 

Publishers using the widget will not only gain consent but will also be able to access enriched user data, enhancing their ability to up-sell, and improving user lifetime value. Those publishers who then advertise using the platform can generate a fresh revenue stream, since Liberdy users can utilize the LIB, the token powering the platform to subscribe to the publisher's site.

Koby Ram, Liberdy's CEO states: "We are excited to welcome publishers to the fold and offer them the opportunity to benefit from our advanced widget, which provides a new way to gain the user's attention and cooperation. We believe that the added value Liberdy offers to data owners, advertisers and publishers is the winning formula for our upcoming TGE and will drive the ongoing success of the platform."

About Liberdy
Liberdy has created a new and fair digital advertising economy by developing a robust data trading platform that rewards users for use of their personal information. Detailed and accurate data is the key to any successful online marketing effort. Our consent-based Data Management Platform (DMP) gives advertisers access to unique and reliable data, which up to now could not be obtained outside the walled gardens of Facebook and Google. Blockchain technology enables direct relationships between users and leading advertisers and as such is the foundation of our disruptive initiative.

Website: www.liberdy.io

For further information:
Gali Rosen: Chief Marketing Officer
HQ: 1st Habarzel street, Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel: +972-3-6209614
Email: press@liberdy.io



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