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Liberty Automotive Protection Shares Tips on Buying the Ideal Policy

OCEAN, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / December 29, 2016 / Liberty Automotive Protection recently shared top tips on buying good auto protection cover. The company has a solid reputation in the sector that stretches over 40 years. The industry leader believes that customers need to familiarize with what is covered before signing up. This is a sure-fire way to make informed decisions that help save money in the long run.

Some of the examples of key aspects every motorist must check include coverage of breakdown, in addition to wear and tear by the service contract. It is common for breakdown warranty packages to cover only parts that break. Selecting such a policy may prove less ideal because not all automotive parts fail as a result of breakage. Many components require replacement due to wear and tear, which means they are excluded. For this reason, tire and brake repairs do not qualify.

However, not all extended auto protection plans are created equal. Hence, the need to peruse a contract carefully. It is prudent to ask questions about any inclusion or exclusions that are ambiguous.

Buying warranty direct from the insurer is highly recommended, since middlemen like car dealers contribute to higher costs. They earn commissions on the extended warranties they sell. In most cases, the car dealers combine the warranties with vehicle financing. As a result, the overall cost goes up by hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Michael Shaftel urges individuals to opt for exclusionary coverage instead of named component coverage. It is also vital to aim for the highest level of automotive protection cover that fits one's finances. Some of the available policies come with wide-ranging benefits, such as towing, car rental reimbursement and roadside assistance, among others. In most cases, these benefits are applicable only after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

Liberty Automotive Protection also recommends purchasing cover from insurers that provide tools and resources designed to make it easy to learn more about the plans. The knowledge not only saves money but also contributes to worry-free motoring. The insurer advises consumers to take out cover early and avoid waiting until the manufacturer's warranty expires. Waiting may translate to higher costs due to inflation. On the other hand, insurers generally quote lower prices when taking out cover before the manufacturer's warranty expires.

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